Foundations of Patient Care Custom Essay

By March 13, 2019Academic Papers

Foundations of Patient Care 2000 word essay to be in before 2.00 p.m 24th of March 2018 1. Plain font – Calibri, Verdana or Arial, Font Size 11 or 12,
2. Top and bottom margins of
2.54cm, and left and right margins of 3.17cm,
3. Line spacing of
1.5 lines,

4. Footer with Student ID number and module code and page number on each page,
5. Write in the passive voice ("third person style"),
6. Include a front cover with module code, student number (not your name), title and final word count. 7. Write your word count at the end of the essay (before the references). The total number of words excludes the reference list and in-text references.
8. Use the Harvard style referencing system

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