Geography Land Description Essay

By January 2, 2019 Academic Papers
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Culture History and Landscape
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The Landscape Description (GTA)
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#1: The Landscape Description
Following the initial lecture material and readings, visit and then write a description of a landscape in Greater Toronto. The choice of site, or view, is yours, so long as you can argue that it is meaningful. Your
GGR 360, Winter 2017
description should be a full 2 pages, double-spaced, in 12-point font. It should reflect what you saw on that particular day, and take into account the human and non-human elements which comprise a landscape. This exercise will test your observation and writing skills; you will be graded on both. Be creative, and don’t just describe what you see, but attempt to make a larger interpretative point or two about the wider issues at stake in this specific location. Consider how the landscape as you encounter it might (or might not) contain clues to its changing identity over time.
This is not a research assignment, and therefore the use of secondary sources is not required.
Descriptions are due at the beginning of class on February 2. I will not accept this assignment after February 9, and 0.5 marks (out of 10) will be deducted for each day that it is late, including weekend days. Please include your name and student number, my name, and the course number on the first page.