GGRA03 Cities and Environments Assignment

By April 10, 2018Academic Papers

GGRA03 Cities and Environments
Spring Term 2018
ASSIGNMENT 2: News Article Critical Summary (10%)
Objective: This assignment is meant to give you another chance to hone your ability to read, watch or listen to something, understand what it is about and ask some critical questions about what it tells us, and what it doesnt, about the topic. You will use this same news article to write your Assignment 3, but for that assignment you will use scholarly sources such as journal articles and book chapters on the topic to write an informed research paper that deepens (and hopefully changes!) your understanding of the topic.

STEP 1: Choose one of the following news articles/blog entries to base your paper on:

  •   Co-working and the rise of the gig economyin Toronto:

  •   Anti-homelessspikes are removed outside a grocery store -removes-spikes-over-claims-they-are-anti-homeless.html

  •   A “community hub’ to be built in Weston neighbourhood:

    STEP 2: In 800 words, write a critical reflection on the piece you have chosen. This includes:

    1. (approx. 300 words) An accurate and concise summary the main arguments in the podcast. This requires you to think and listen analytically (i.e. What is the author saying? What is/are their main point(s)?)

    2. (approx. 500 words) Like your podcast reflection, I want you to critically reflect upon this article. You can use the questions in the podcast reflection guide from Assignment 1 to guide you in your writing but I want you to pay attention to two in particular:

      •   What is the source of this article (A news media outlet, a personal blog? Etc.) and do you think this affects the credibility and quality of the articles content? Why/Why not?

      •   What crucial questions do you think the article doesnt address that are needed to understand this topic more fully or deeply and why?

There is no title page needed for this assignment but please ensure your formatting includes:

  •   12 point Times New Roman font;

  •   Double spaced;

SKILL BUILDING GOALS Content analysis, critical thinking, reading and writing

  •   Page numbers;

  •   Your name, tutorial group and student number at the top of the page along

    with “Assignment 2

  •   Total word count.

You will be graded based on your grasp and summary of the major arguments or ideas in the podcast, your reflections on the material, and grammar and spelling and the overall structure of your assignment. Remember to name your word document with your name LASTNAME_FIRSTNAME_A1.docx.



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