How International criminal justice and Saudi criminal justice work together

By December 4, 2018Academic Papers


I want a high quality proposal for PhD application which means that it need to be attractive for supervisors from the topic and writing.
I want it to be written by specialized writer who know this stuff.
I gave 7 days for wrting and reviewing in order to produce very good proposal.

The proposal structured as follow:
1- Introduction / Problem Statement
– A clear, concise statement of the problem to be solved by the proposed research.

2- Background
– Short description of International criminal justice and Saudi criminal justice

3- L.R.
You have to include different forms of sources (books, articles and others).
The sources should be from different time periods from as old as possible to 2017.

4- Research questions
I have some questions which can be reviewed and used:
– Is terrorism local or global crime?
– What is terrorism in international criminal law?
– What is terrorism in Saudi criminal law?
– Where are the similarities and differences between international and Saudi criminal – Laws that deal terrorism?
– How can they collaborate in facing terrorism?

You can also add more or replace the above questions.

5- The importance of the research
In this section you have to answer the following with justifcations (so what question). – Explanation of why the topic is of interest to me
– Outline of the reasons why the topic should be of interest to research.

6- Research methodology and methods. – Description method
– Evaluation method
– Conceptual analysis.

7- expected outcomes

8- References
– They need to be academic sources
– I want a copy of those references
– Articles, Books, conference papres, other academic sources. – Use Harvard referncing system.

Finally, you can put (adding or deleting) whatever you think it is in the benefit of the proposal even if

you want to change the structure.

Feel free to ask any question to verify about anything. 

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