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Cases to choose from
Attached Files:
File Case 1 – Brand
Queensland.pdf (3.804 MB)
File Case 2 – Queensland Community
Fund.pdf (453.648 KB)
File Case 3 – Rebuilding Trust in Malaysia
Airlines.pdf (1.365 MB) File Case 4 – Transurban.pdf (608.66 KB)
File AMB263 CRA
Essay.docx (17.798 KB)
You must select one of the attached cases.

Order Description

Imagine you work for the PR agency responsible for your chosen campaign.

State who the client is and what PR context the client operates in. You should explain the role of PR in this context.
Explain and justify how the campaign aligns with the role of PR in this context specifically, and other contexts.

Explain and justify ethical approaches utilised in the campaign.
Use ethical frameworks outlined in class to explain the ethical approach/es utilised in the campaign in relation to each of the five duties. Ideally, you should also consider tensions between the five duties. Do not use headings.
Include an introduction and conclusion.
Use APA referencing.
Include references to academic literature (please do not reference lecture slides).

Assistance with this assignment will be provided in tutorials. Please note that academic support for this assignment will end at 5pm on Friday 27 October.

Only upload a Word or PDF document. Do not upload a Pages file.

You are allowed to upload multiple versions of your assignment, up until the 11.59pm deadline. Please be aware though that it may take longer to upload subsequent versions of your assignments, so please don’t leave it until the last minute.

To reference these cases, follow the Cite/Write instructions for QUT resources (Blackboard unit materials), using the company name and the case name 

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