LAW 203 Workplace Law Assignment

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LAW 203 Workplace Law

1. Overview

In the Learner Introductions for Week 1, you were asked to write 150-250 words describing a contentious workplace situation you have experienced, or someone you know has experienced. In this exercise, you are required to reflect on this workplace experience in light of all that you have learned in this course.

This assignment aligns with the following module-level learning outcomes:
Holistically analyze a case study related to the workplace [CLO 3, 4, 5]

1.1. Time for Completion

This assignment should take you 1-2 hours to complete.

1.2. Due Date

The written reflection must be submitted by 11:59 PM (ET) on Sunday of Week 12.

1.3. Grading and Weight

This assignment is worth 3% of your final grade in LAW 203. You will be assessed on how well you reflect on what you have learned as well as how you apply workplace laws to the situation you described.

2. Instructions

  1. a)  Please re-read the contentious workplace situation piece you previously submitted.

  2. b)  Draft 250-500 words reflecting on how your learnings in this course have enabled you to

    better analyze the situation and unpack the relevant legal issues. Please also include

    your initial discussion post in your assignment.

  3. c)  Submit your reflection in PDF format to the Personal Reflection on Workplace Scenario


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