Monetary Policy Assignments

By April 20, 2018Academic Papers

Please choose one of the tools of monetary policy described in chapter 15?The Economics of Money, Banking and Financial Markets (11th? it’s beyond 10mb, I can’t upload, so tell me the way to send to you?, one market affected by that policy and one relevant current event piece from the WSJ or similar news source?You will then explain one of the tools of monetary policy from Chapter 15, one of the markets including how it is affected by the monetary policy you described and then tie these concepts together into a real- world example using your news piece. You should use the news piece description as an opportunity to demonstrate that you understand how the textbook concepts translate into the real-world example. So the important content is:1) a tool of monetary policy 2) a market that is effected by that tool and 3) an article from WSJ (or similar publication) that is relavant to your first two topics



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