NCS2202 Culture and Health. Assignment: Reflective Essay

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NCS2202 Culture and Health. Assignment 3: Reflective Essay

Write a 2000 word critically reflective essay: Incorporating the knowledge you have gained throughout the course and this unit and with reference to your Codes and Standards for practice, discuss how you will analyse and apply culturally safe care to a client/client group of your choosing,

  1. Select a client from a cultural group that you have an interest in or have had experience with. (i.e. age, gender, ethnicity, homeless, disabled).

  2. Use concepts and knowledge gained throughout your course and this unit to Identify the health issues that may impact your chosen client/group

  3. Select ONE health issue and analyse the cultural factors that currently impact on the health outcomes of your client.

  4. Determine how you might assess and provide care for your client using culturally safe practice, incorporating theoretical frameworks (at least two) to draw connections between your ideas and provide structure to your argument (i.e. knowing, 4 dimensions, etic and emic viewpoints, cultural competence, social imagination, social determinants). Critically reflect on your personal response to your findings and how this may impact on your practice. (Knowing self).

  5. Identify the requirements for utilisation and distribution of resources to achieve a culturally safe environment for you and your clients. (i.e. cultural knowledge, competence, access, alternate services).

It will be necessary to incorporate the knowledge gained from the course work, your readings, your first assessment pieces (ASS 1) as well as supporting evidence from a minimum of 10 quality journal articles/ readings of your choice. (No more than 10 years old).

  • Seminal works may be used for this assignment.

  • Presentation will be as per the SNM template included in the assignment folder.

  • It is not necessary for you to use the contents page.

  • The SNM generic marking rubric will be used to mark this paper.

  • Criteria for that rubric are as follows:

    Suggested criteria include but are not limited to the following:

Content: Present the topics relevant to the paper.

Selected client group
Cultural concepts/ frameworks for analysis.
Culturally safe client centred care ( based on analysis) Presentation of resources .( evidence based)
Professional responsibilities.( NMBA )
Personal and professional impacts.( reflection on practice)

Application of CT:

Exploration and application of data that examines all cultural aspects of your chosen client group. Application to practice

Film clips , journal articles, theoretical knowledge.
Appraise, analyse, compare and discuss the issues that arise applying your theoretical knowledge and research knowledge.
Application to practice.


A well prepared essay with a clear introduction, body of work and conclusion.

Introduction: should include

  • An introduction to your topic

  • Highlight the main issues

  • Include a thesis statement

  • Include research parameters

  • Target audience

    Body: Should Include

    • Presentation of the topics relevant to your paper (see content for further guidance).

    • Support your arguments with research from a reputable source

    • Relevant information to support contemporary practice

    • Less than 10 years old.

    • What does the evidence suggest is best practice.

      Conclusion: Should include

      • Wind up of your paper by restating your thesis statement.

      • Restate your main ideas

      • DO NOT introduce new ideas.


Font, spacing, paragraphs, margins, page no’s Justification

  • Application of coversheet and title page

  • See SNM assignment guidelines.


  • APA IN and End text.

  • Correct order; Alphabetical by first authors surname.

  • 2nd row indent

  • Author, date, title, journal/book. Vol/Issue/Edition, publisher.



As per generic rubric.

Have I

  • Understood the question correctly?

  • Answered all parts of the question or task?

  • Included a thesis statement (answer to a question or response to a task) and an

    appropriate argument?

  • Developed my argument by using logical points which are well reasoned?

  • Used information from academic texts or credible sources to support my argument?

  • Included relevant examples, where necessary, from the supplied case study or other

    data to demonstrate application?

  • Been analytical and demonstrated critical thinking in my essay?

  • Proofread my work to check that each paragraph links to the previous or the thesis?

  • Structured my essay in an introduction, body and conclusion

  • Checked my spelling, grammar and punctuation

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