New media and social change Research Paper

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Topic: New media and social change
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The assessment task is to select an organisation that is currently campaigning on a social change issue and to analyse this campaign. You are not required to, but consider communicating directly with the organisation. In selecting a campaign for your case study, be sure not to choose a campaign that is primarily about awareness raising, recruiting or marketing. In this subject, we focus on campaigns that seek to bring about social changes in communities such as protecting the environment, addressing racism, changing policies and legislation. I recommend that you ��shop around’ a little at first. Identify several social change campaigns or organisations (e.g. GetUp!,,, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth, Occupy Sydney, the Nature Conservation Council of New South Wales, Amnesty International, the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network or Oxfam). Subscribe to their e-news, ��like’ their Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter. Check out their websites and recent publications. From these groups, select one to focus on.
Then select one of the organisation’s campaigns for your case study.
Structure of case study/essay (3,000 words)
1.    Introduce the campaign: What social or environmental problem or concern is the campaign about?
2.    What is their objective? (What specific change does the campaign advocate? What needs to change?)
3.    Describe the campaign’s current new media strategy. How is the campaign currently using new media? (website/s, e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, Messaging, Smartphone apps and other mobile technology, YouTube, Flickr, Linked In, Foursquare, etc). Screenshots and other graphics will be useful to illustrate the campaign.
4.    What theoretical ideas about social change inform this campaign?
5.    What impact does this strategy appear to be having? (Is it effectively achieving the campaign objective? Is it likely to?)
6.    Analyse how the social action group or campaign you examine actively involves community members in democratic ways and suggest how they might more actively engage citizens.
Assessment criteria
1.    Clarity in describing the objectives and nature of the chosen social change campaign
2.    Level of conceptual understanding about the nature of new media that is utilised in the chosen campaign
3.    Level of analysis of theoretical ideas about social change that relate to the campaign
4.    Quality of critical discussion about theories and practices of citizen engagement and popular education that may relate to the campaign.
At the completion of the subject, students are expected to be able to:
a)    appraise and analyse theories and practices of social change
b)    distinguish between, and critically describe the features of, new media and traditional media
c)    develop and critique citizen engagement and popular education strategies
d)    analyse how new media has been for hypothetical or real social change campaigns.
The organization of case study is “ Robin Hood Tax”.
Use the references I uploaded and if it is necessary add any relevant references .
The structure is:
Writing in simple way and simple words as international student.
Any other references the writer used excepting what I was downloading it is important that I can find it by Google scholar.

Use Harvard style in references and citation . 

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