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Assignment 2A: Action research project         

This part of Assignment 2 requires you to implement your Action Research Plan during Primary Professional Practice 2. The implementation of your plan is a professional task, conducted during the 30 days of professional experience. This professional task will be marked as satisfactory or unsatisfactory (corresponding to the successful implementation and completion of the research project or the failure to do so). Your eligibility to submit your Research Project Report (Assignment 2B) depends on your completion of the planned action research project during PPP2. To evidence this, your PPP2 mentoring teacher will need to ‘sign off’ your project and provide confirmation of its completion during practicum.


Due Date: Friday, 10TH NOVEMBER, 9:00 AM.


Assignment 2A Details

In order to complete this assignment you need to:

·   Complete your action research project during PPP2.

·   Submit the ‘sign off’ form to confirm that you have competed the action research cycle during your practicum experience – the form is to be signed by your mentoring teacher for PPP2.


¦ Submission details

·   Submit an electronic copy of your sign off form to Turnitin by Friday 10TH November, 9:00 am.

·   Note that, without the submission of this form, your Assignment 2B cannot be marked.

·   You must keep the paper copy of this form.


Assignment 2B: Professional conversation based on action research project report

This assignment requires you to create report based on the action research project you have completed in your second teaching placement. This project report will be submitted to Turnitin. Your project report will then be assessed in a one-to-one conversation with a member of the lecturing team, when you will be expected to discuss the contents of your report.


Report Due Date:                 10th November, 9:00 am

Length:                                                       3000 words

Content:                                   Your report on the action research cycle completed in PPP2, including the completed ethics documentation for your project.


¦ Submission details for the Project report

·       Submit a draft of your assignment to Turnitin by 3rd November so you have time to review your Originality Report and conversation and edit your work.

·       Submit an electronic copy of your final assignment to Turnitin by Friday, 10th November 9:00 am (Do not include your cover sheet but do include your reference list)

·       Assignments submitted after the due date and time, without an approved extension, will be penalised 10% per day for late submission. 

·       You must keep a copy of your assignment.



Assignment 2B Details

In order to complete this assignment you need to:

·       Refine your Action plan to suit your second professional practice context.

·       Implement the Action plan during your second teaching placement

·       Document processes of teaching and learning through the collection of comprehensive ‘student data’.

·       Use this data set to reflect on and evaluate the effectiveness (or ‘engagingness’) of the implemented pedagogic changes.

·       Write up the findings of you project in your Project Report, following the required structure

·       Prepare to discuss your project report in your professional conversation.



Assessment criteria

·       Demonstrates knowledge of theory and practice surrounding student engagement.

·       Shows knowledge of trends in pedagogical innovation (motivation, creativity, dialogic pedagogies, new technologies in education, culturally responsive pedagogic practices)

·       Draws on this knowledge to engage in professional self-reflection and identify a focus area for action research.

·       Provides a succinct description of the action research context (school/mentoring teacher/classroom setting/student characteristics etc.) and discusses how the original Action research plan was adapted to this context.

·       Describes the completed Action research cycle in effective procedural detail.

·       Discusses how the selected student data were used to engage in professional self-reflection and evaluate the implemented changes.

·       Outlines the key findings of the project.

·       Discusses both the short and long-term implications for own professional development.

·       Provides evidence of active participation in the focus group (provision of feedback on member’s work and integration of feedback received)

·       Presents work professionally, with clear academic writing and within the word limit. Shows skills to present and structure ideas in a conversation.

·       Uses the APA referencing style correctly for both in-text citations and reference – including competently integrating evidence in conversation.




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