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Administration (ADM)


Economics for Public Administrators 

4 credits 

In this course, the role of government in the economy is explored within the general context of market failure and social equity. Topics include allocation of goods and services, income distribution, externalities, public goods, and public choice theory. This course also examines the impact of macroeconomic events and policy decisions on the budgets and service levels of public entities. 


Public Governance 

4 credits 

This course focuses on how government and public organizations serve their stakeholders, the manner in which their services are carried out, how resources are managed, and how regulatory powers are complied with and/or managed. In accordance with UN guidelines on public governance, issues related to transparency, participation, and accountability are also examined. 


Public Budgeting and Financial Management 

4 credits 

This course provides an introduction to the revenue and expenditure structure of the public sector, including revenue policy, expenditure policy, and budget structure and administration. 



Intergovernmental Relations 

4 credits 

This course examines in detail the relationships among the federal, state, and municipal levels of government in the United States. The history of U.S. federalism is briefly covered, followed by a more in-depth focus on such issues as competition among levels and branches of government, the challenge of institutional fragmentation, and the role of governmental interest groups. Specific policy issues (education, health care, social services) are used to examine and analyze the dynamics of these relationships. 


Policy Studies 

4 credits 

This course focuses on how challenges and problems facing society become policy issues. Leading theories in policy analysis and the policy-making process are examined and critiqued. The impact of policy decisions on various groups within society (related to gender, age, ethnicity, etc.) is also examined. 


Law and Administrative Process 

4 credits 

An introduction to law relevant to public administration, this course covers selected topics in administrative and constitutional law, including the exercise of governmental power, legislative and executive oversight, rule making, adjudication, and judicial review. 



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