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Advertising Case Challenge:

Create and awareness campaign for Hire. Buy. Live. Newark. Each student agency team’s focus will be on the “Buy” part of the initiative.


Project Description:

To strengthen Newark’s economy and benefit its people, a significant and ground breaking partnership was formed between the City of Newark, the city’s business community, clergy, philanthropies, workforce development programs, and higher education, including Rutgers.


This group developed the plan to increase economic activity in Newark and to strengthen the city’s economy by the beginning of the next decade.

According to the Hire. Buy. Live website: “ Newark is in the midst of revitalization, combining a historic surge in commercial and housing development, investment, and technology deployment with the greatest reduction in crime in a generation. Yet, despite a thriving and expanding business community, Newark has high rates of poverty and unemployment with one-in-three residents living below the poverty level. The City of Newark is launching a new initiative, Hire. Buy. Live. Newark, aimed at increasing”


This assignment will incorporate the topics of stakeholders, research, strategy, and process, along with the topic of branding for the “Buy Newark” campaign. The goal is get more people to shop and buy in Newark and support the local businesses.



Students must decide on the specific goal of their campaign, the audience their message is targeting, the media they will use to reach the audience and promote their message and how they will evaluate the success and measure the s campaign. Students must answer these questions as a part of developing the strategy for their campaign:


Goal: What is this advertisement trying to accomplish?


What measurement(s) could be used to determine its level of success?


Audience: Describe the primary target audience for this message. If there is a secondary audience, describe it as well.

Message: Describe how this message used verbal and visual elements. Describe the channel (Internet) used to deliver this message.

Evaluation Will this message be successful? Using critical analysis and your answers to the questions above, why or why not?





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