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Assessment Activities



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25 Mar 2018, 8:00 PM


Respondents and methods


6 May 2018, 8:00 PM



You are the marketing manager for Airtasker. This is an iOS and Android skills-based marketplace app that allows people and businesses to outsource tasks. It posts task from people who need help around the home and office and connects them with skilled people to do the task. Tasks cover everything from delivery and removal, handy tasks, marketing and design, home and garden, as well as computer and IT. 
The steps to use Airtasker are:
1. Describing the task you need completed and whether you need it done in person or online. Posting it for free.
2. View profiles and reviews to pick the best Tasker for the task. When you accept an offer, you’ll add funds securely via Airtasker Pay, which are held until completion. Now you can private message and call the Tasker.
3. When your task is completed you can release the task funds held with Airtasker Pay. Once released, you can leave a review for the Tasker to help improve our Community.

The platform now has more than 1.8 million members and creates 1.4 million tasks a year.

There has been no prior research done on who uses the service (both people posting and completing tasks) why, and how it is used in relation to other apps and services, like uber, Gumtree or Jims Building Maintenance or Moving Services.
Management is also currently considering how to expand the product portfolio to cover other categories and also increase penetration of existing services.. 
You want to undertake research to better understand the existing market’s behaviour and attitudes and to explore the potential of expansion and new proposed services. You need to brief a market research agency to undertake this work. 


Sub activity 1 (900 words approx)
1. Formulate three market research objectives that will address the management questions above. Write them as if they are to be included in a research briefing document. Choose objectives that you can justify well and showcase your prior knowledge and understanding of what metrics are critical for a company to monitor.  

2. Identify four specific sources of secondary data that would be useful in this research project. Explain why each is useful through linking them to the research objectives in (1) and discuss any shortcomings associated with each source.
The answer you give here will depend on what research objectives you choose. This section showcases your research skills and also your ability to identify information that is already available, rather than collecting primary data. Please include enough detail of sources that your marker can check the source. Avoid being too general eg Australian Bureau of Statistics or newspapers. Give specific examples of the sort of information that can be found and why it is useful.


Sub activity 2 (1300 words approx)
1. Discuss what broad type of research (qualitative, quantitative or both)) you think is needed to meet each of the three research objectives you specified in Part A question 1. Justify and explain your decisions.

This question tests that you know the difference between qualitative and quantitative research approaches and what sort of situations they are best suited to.

2. Identify the target respondents who should be included in the research in order to address each of the research objectives. What will you use as a sampling frame for the respondent groups? What sample size do you recommend?

This part of the discussion is testing that you know who needs to be included in research to meet the research objectives. Be sure to address the last part of the question as to how these respondents could be found/identified and how many you would like to include.

3. What data collection method/s would you recommend in order to meet each research objective? Explain and justify your choice.

The answers here will depend on what your research objectives are. This question is testing that you know the differences between the research methods and the different strengths and weaknesses of each. You can recommend more than one method. Be sure to link discussion to the respondents and the objectives.

Marking Criteria for Assignment and Weighting Overall 
Ability to apply answer to the organisation and industry (10% – 5% each sub assessment)
Identification and discussion of the research objectives  (10%)

Identification and discussion of secondary data (20%)

Broad approach discussion and justification (15%)
Identification and discussion of respondent groups, sample frame and size  (20%)

Identification of data collection method (15%)

Presentation [structure, spell checked etc]; clarity, correct referencing (10% -5% each sub assessment)


Feedback on this assignment will be provided on the Feedback form.



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