Order Custom Written Assignment 2: The influence of Advertising Trends

By March 24, 2018Academic Papers

Assignment 2: The influence of Advertising Trends


You’ve probably heard the phrase that history repeats itself. You may have even seen some fashion trends come and go during your lifetime. The same thing can happen with advertising trends. Usually when a trend or movement re-emerges, it takes on a more modern form. We can see this in advertising as we look back over the years.


Identify and describe an advertising trend or movement from the 1900s. Identify an advertisement from the last 10 years that was influenced by that trend or movement. Provide an image of that ad. Describe how it was influenced, citing specific details in the ad that are rooted in the historical trend or movement.

Describe if the ad from the last 10 years is successful and why. Identify at least 5 criteria for a successful ad.


By the due date, post a Word document attached to your post in the Discussion Area on the next page. The Word document should contain your assignment. Use MLA formatting with in-text citations and references to cite the outside sources used to complete this assignment. You are expected to use outside sources.

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