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Good blog postings will have the following attributes… ? They clearly articulate a theme that stands out across the reading and lecture material for the week, and critically evaluate that theme as the framing argument of the posting. Your response should employ a sophisticated level of reasoning and evidence in fleshing out these questions. ? They are well structured, featuring an introductory sentence introducing what the posting is about, logically- defined paragraphs, and concluding sentence summarising the posting’s findings. ? The clearly reference and engage with the readings and lecture material. ? They are thoroughly edited; Think of each blog as a journey comprise of three phases: (1) conceptual preparation (videos and readings), (2) analysis of topic, and (3) reflection on your analysis. Phases (2) and (3) of this journey constitute the written component of your blog postings. Your comments for peers also form part of the reflective component. Referencing and Formatting: Your postings must reference each of the videos and required readings for that week’s topic. Your citations provide the evidence that you have engaged with the subject material in fulfilling the instructions of the activity. I am happy for you to use whatever referencing style you are comfortable with, providing you do it consistently. For the videos, please cite author’s name and the video number, [for example… (Habib, 03.1)]. There is no need to provide a bibliography for this task, as the source material is already listed on LMS. There is also no need to reference material beyond the videos and required readings in this task. All pieces of academic writing should be structured appropriately, and blogs are no exception. Your blog postings should begin with an introduction (one sentence), a body (with paragraphs), and a conclusion (one sentence). 1. Identify a common theme that stands out for you across this week’s readings and video material (be specific). 2. Why do you think this is important? 3. Why did this information stand out for you? video 11.1 by Ben Habib https://youtu.be/1Ve1e0ySflo and video 11.2 by Ben Habib https://youtu.be/cbTvLg857Hs

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