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Assignment Type
Research Paper
Course Name
Business Ethics
Assignment Subject
The TransCanada oil Pipeline decision Report
Specific Topic Description
Special Instructions
The TransCanada oil Pipeline decision
A report is to be original work, again 1and 1/2 spaced, 12 pt. New Times Roman, with 1 margin all around except 1 and 1/2 on left side of page. The report has to reflect and answering questions for example, what extent, how and why is increased “awareness of ethics “a critical part of good management decisions on the proposed TransCanada oil pipeline that has been in the news lately. I will attach two examples of news. The report can include this ethical situation alone together with how it relates to decisions you have made or would make including how it is similar and different from other professional and ethical issues in the news and/or from your own experience. Criteria and weighting are shown in the paper I will attach. References you have to use from 8 to what you need but not less 8 and when you use references write th e (name, year) after quotation or paraphrase something.
The outline:
1- Abstract (write it after you finish the report 4 sentences what the report about)
2- Introduction talk about the company and describe the issue and talk briefly about the Major ethic view which is the 5 things (start with human right, virtue, professionalism, justice & fairness and end with utility
3- Have a look of the pipeline company have been in many accidents (as a bad example) and see if there is other Pipeline Company does not have many accidents (as a good example).
4- Ethic framework graph that I will attach talk about all the stages (prepare, analyze, act, reflect) focus on ethical part.
( Outline the framework set that you using and how is used including your five criteria which are first Human right, (the freedom of choice, the right you have reasonable information, the right you have reasonable level of safety, the right to have reasonable air and water to be able to keep its going) the second is the Virtue (doing the right thing just because as a reword an itself, how you feel after you did the right thing because it is tough), third professionalism , fourth , justice & fairness, the fifth you have to finish up with utility means you have got to make practical. You have to have the balance practical solution.)
5- Police analysis framework graph that I will attach (draw the framework again when you apply to the issue)
6- Set out the mechanisms for business, government and law working together then the criteria such as ( we are going to look after the environment, we are going to look after the economy, we are going to make sure that in the long term that we are remain our sales from oil. We are going to allow two or three pipelines to ones that are at least environmentally, less dangers and risky.
7- Then (suggestions) come up with the option and the option going to be a couple variation of building a pipeline take into account the aboriginal right to have their land protected for fishing and so on.
8- Then when you done a major choice explain why is a good one in terms of the summary and conclusion.
9- In last paragraph talk about the limitation to your framework. Why your framework works reasonably well and where it does not work as well as should. How confident you are that framework is done the job.
10- Attach the two frameworks you draw as appendix.
11- Create the table content for this report and be sure each part with independent heading.
12- Also, I will provide a link of a book could you please take any quotation or reference that relate to the decision of the TransCanada oil pipeline ethics issue.

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