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Order Custom Written Business Reflection Journal Essay

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BET Learning Reflection journal:

Due Week 12, Friday, 18th October by 5pm, 15 marks


The purpose of this assessment is for students to reflect on the subject, to critically assess their own performance and skills development and to demonstrate their ability to analyse issues related to business ethics.


There are three topics: Individual Learning, EBL Learning & Business Ethics.


  1. Individual Learning: (approximately 200 words)

Reflecting on the unit’s Learning Outcomes (Unit Guide p.5), which tasks (in-class & assessment) assisted your learning the most & least? (& explain how)



  1. EBL Learning: (2 tasks, approximately 400 words-excluding evidence- in total)
  2. How did you use the Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) process to assist your understanding of business ethics? (Illustrate using at least 2 types of evidence to support your claims.)



  1. Group Theory & UN Hearing Presentations Moderation Rating:
Name % Tasks performed


Drawing on your Describe / Interpret / Evaluate / Plan (DIEP) intentions from the Group Written Report Peer & Self Review, to what extent did you improve your own & your group’s EBL performance? (Provide evidence to support your claims)



(Evidence may be examples of brainstorming, planning of group work, Group meeting template, screenshots of Peer-self review comments, edits of your writing, email communication, development of ideas e.g. your input to group idea etc.)



  1. Business Ethics (2 tasks, approximately 400 words in total)
  2. Demonstrate your new business ethics insight by applying the unit’s ideas to a past moral dilemma you faced. Would your actions & the outcome change now? (Explain the context & your actions, then re-interpret them using business ethics ideas (with references))



  1. An understanding of ethical theories & moral reasoning will assist me to apply business ethics in my future professional practice by… (Include references from readings & application to specific scenarios.)




Business Ethics – Individual Learning Reflection: Marking Criteria

Component Ideas Connections Extensions
Relevant & insightful reflection


Identifies learning tasks

Describes EBL process & how used

Identifies business ethics concepts /ideas


Connects tasks to learning outcomes

Links EBL process to business ethics ideas

Evidence used appropriately to justify commentary


Application of self-reflection to other contexts or learning

Shows insight into own learning practice

Evaluates own impact on group performance

Predicts future learning behaviour drawing on EBL experience (3)

Applies ethical theory & moral reasoning


Identifies relevant professional practice

Accurately defines theories & moral reasoning in relation to business practice

Describes a past moral dilemma (1)

Links theories, ideas & professional practice

Applies theories to past dilemma


Applies knowledge from literature to predicting future practice

Extrapolates past moral behaviour to future intent

Demonstrates insight into own moral reasoning based on ethical theory (3)

 Benchmark requirements (3) Grammar / spelling

Respond to all sections

Harvard technique

>2 pieces of evidence

<20% Turnitin similarity

Submitted by due date



To reflect on the subject, own performance, skills development and professional practice in relation to business ethics.


  1. Review all subject tasks, notes and documentation.
  2. Complete the group presentations peer moderation table.
  3. Gather all evidence and literature & research notes, and answer each section
  4. Insert evidence with annotations, for example:


  1. Use Harvard referencing correctly
  2. Use at least 2 references
  3. Proof read for correct grammar & spelling
  4. Submit early to Turnitin to enable time to edit & resubmit before due date if above 20%


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