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By April 10, 2018Academic Papers

Open the Cultural Stereotype & Career Activity (attached below).  After you have come up with answers for each row of pictures, consider  the following questions (please answer honestly, I will be the only  person to see your answers). Make sure to showcase that you understand  the concepts/theories included in the questions: 

  1. How do Cultural Patterns and Social Roles influence answers to the  Cultural Activity questions (give specific examples along with your  explanations)?
  2. Looking at the concepts of Culture Shock and Rules of Interaction,  what should you consider when first meeting someone from a different  culture? 
  3. As a professional and leader, why is understanding power and Muted  Group Theory important (give specific examples along with your  explanations)? 
  4. Based on what you learned from the textbook, what specifically will  you do to continue to build your Intercultural Personhood and  Competence? 


Business Men: In what type of business do they work? Are they the owner or employee? Who is the most successful? 

Doctors: What kind of doctors are they? In what type of setting do they work? What is their approach to healthcare as described in Chapter 11? 

Models: Do they model in commercials, magazines, videos? Are they intelligent, uneducated, self-absorbed? 

Teachers: What subjects do they teach? At what level do they teach? Would you leave your child in their care?