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Rubric for Community Based Nursing Care: Teaching Project.


1.)   Use startling statistics to catch the reader’s attention (with reference.)

2.)   Clearly state the purpose of the paper.


Body of the paper:

Describe the teaching project

1.)   What is the project-Be as specific as you can be. (I done my project on germs (how they are spread and enter our body), I also taught them the proper way to wash their hands as well as how to use hand sanitizer. I used the glo-germ kit and used a glitter hand solution to show them how germs are passed person to person.

2.)   Why you chose this project-I chose this project because I enjoy kids, and they ALWAYS could use extra reinforcement with proper hygiene especially this time of year when numerous illnesses are spreading.

3.)   Relate the project to Healthy People 2020


Describe the audience:

1.)   Who is the audience- Be sure to describe the audience based on age, sex, race, ethnicity, etc. (I done my teaching project with a second-grade class. There were both boys and girls, multiple races,

2.)   Where is the audience (I done my teaching at Heath Elementary school in Paducah, KY.)

3.)   Why you chose this audience based on you teaching project. I think second grade is a good age because they are aware of hand hygiene at this point but may just need reminders. They also are at a great age that they activities are fun for them.

4.)   When did the project take place? I went on 10-20-17 towards the end of the school day at 2 pm. (the teacher had set aside time for me to come.)


Describe your learning goal and objectives for the project:

1.)   Include 5 learning objectives (What you want your audience to learn?) Be sure these objectives are measureable.


 At the end of this lesson, students will be able to:

1.)   Students will be able to list the times when hand washing should take place. 

2.)   Students will be able to explain why they need to wash their hands. 

3.)   Students will be able to explain how to wash their hands and for how long. 

4.)   Students will be able to demonstrate the right way to cover a cough or sneeze. 

5.)   Students will explain how hand washing can help prevent getting sick.


Describe how you prepared for the project:

1.)   Who is your contact? I set up my teaching day through the principal of the school (Mr. Cooper) and the teacher’s name is Mrs. Crane (second grade.)

2.)   What preparation was done? I used my knowledge from LPN school on hand washing. I also looked up information from the CDC website and different health department websites.

3.)   Resources used?

4.)   Brochures/handouts/posters prepared (You must hand in whatever you used in presentation for credit) I made a fold out poster board with information about germs, when to wash their hands, how germs spread, a diagram of hand washing process. I also handed out a coloring activity sheet for them to complete. A goody bag filled with a couple of snacks, glow sticks, and a travel size thing of hand sanitizer.

5.)   Description of teaching method planned: I talked to them, showed them hands on activities/demonstrations, and answered questions.

6.)   Length of presentation planned: I had planned on about 30 minutes.


Describe the actual teaching experience:

1.)   The presentation (I started off by introducing myself and explained what we were going to cover. I asked them some questions about what they knew about germs and how they thought they were spread. I got two boys and two girls to do the glo-germ activity and then had them to stand in from of the class to show everyone the outcome (lots of the glo-germs were left behind.) Then I went through the correct way to perform hand washing and even showed them how to use sanitizer (keep rubbing until it dry.) After wards I talked to them about appropriate times we should wash our hands, how to properly sneeze and cough into their elbow. I also done a activity with them to simulate how germs spread hand to hand. I used Vaseline and mixed it with glitter-then spread it on a student’s hand. With the kids lined up I had that student shake the person’s hand beside them and kept it going down the line (person after person.) by the end of the line you could see that the germ was spread throughout the class. Now that they knew proper hand washing technique we all made a trip to the sinks and washed of the glitter germs. I ended the presentation with passing out the hand washing coloring activity and their goodie bags.


2.)   The audience (24 second graders and their teacher)

3.)   The time, location (Heath Elementary School in West Paducah, KY)

4.)   The length of presentation (I ended up spending about 45 minutes with the class.)

5.)   Your appearance for the presentation (I wore my clinic uniform.)


Evaluate the project:

1.)   Did you accomplish what you wanted to? I do, the kids done a great job washing the glitter germs off and showed the teacher and myself.

2.)   Describe what was good about the presentation and topic: it was educational but I also made a point to make it a fun learning experience for them.

3.)   Describe how you would change the presentation in the future: this was the first time I’ve taught anything to a big group of kids. Being that young the kids tend to get excited and hyped up very easily. After having that experience, I know more how to calm them and to get them back on track.

4.)   Do you feel you accomplished your objectives for the project? – Explain how you know your audience learned what you wanted them to learn. I had them to repeat things back to me (teach back) and I also observed them performing hand washing.



1.)   Restate the purpose of the paper

2.)   Concludes the paper in a concise manner




1.)   Uses APA format for paper: includes a title page, running head, page numbers, references properly used in paper, reference page, proper spacing and font appendixes.

2.)   Written in a neat and concise manner

3.)   Free from spelling or grammar errors.



1.)   Outline of project

2.)   Handouts developed or distributed





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