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Order Custom Written Company Case Study Write Up Essay

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Case Brief: TakaDu


Case Brief: 12-point Times New Roman, double-spaced, with one-inch margins. Should not exceed 5 pages of text and 3 pages of exhibits (max 8 pages).


Situation: TaKaDu is a young startup with a software service to help water utilities better monitor their infrastructure. TaKaDu is facing immediate decisions – specifically should they submit a bid to the Australian water utility? – and needs to develop a long-term strategy (should they prioritize marketing or R&D? what should its marketing strategy look like?)


Discussion Questions:

  1. What is TaKaDu’s value proposition? Who at the client site appreciates this value (CEO, CFO, operations staff, etc.)? Would utilities eagerly adopt or resist adopting this product? Why?


  1. What marketing strategy do you recommend for TaKaDu? How should TaKaDu segment the market and where should it concentrate its effort?


  1. Should TaKaDu submit a bid to the Australian water utility? If yes, how aggressively should it bid and what pricing is appropriate for its product?


Please reference appropriate calculations (EVC, LTV, Break-Even) and provide evidence.


Suggested Outline for a Case Write-up:

I Executive Summary

  • Just a couple of sentences stating the problem and your recommendation
  • Write it last after you do all the analyses and have all info


II Situation Analysis – Highlight what brought us to this moment, why we are in this position, what brought about the need to make this decision. Discuss the most important factors affecting your decision. Specifically address:

  • Company
  • Customer
  • Competitors / Industry Analysis
  • Collaborators / Channel
  • Context
  • Do not restate case facts, analyze them (i.e., what do these facts mean for the company and the decision that needs to be made?)


III Evaluate Available Options/ Alternatives – Detail a course of action by stating options. Give 2-3 reasons why your option is the best. Be specific and ground your decisions in calculations/data.

  • Propose all alternatives available/you believe should be considered
  • For each alternative argue pros and cons using 5 Cs, Segmentation, Positioning, Targeting, and math tools (Break Even, EVC, LTV, cannibalization, sensitivity analysis) wherever appropriate to justify your ideas and judgments.
  • Include qualitative issues such as reasons why consumers buy the brand, impact on other brands of the firm, impact on retail relationships, competitive reactions, etc.


IV Recommendation and Implementation Plan

  • Synthesize and clearly state your recommendation.
  • Explain your strategy and tactics how you will make it work.
  • Make sure it is feasible. Use contingency plans if needed.



V Appendix with Supporting Exhibits and Diagrams

  • Exhibits need to be self-explanatory: Label your exhibits, List assumptions used in calculations (do not assume that the reader can read between the lines, state every assumption explicitly). The point of the Exhibit should be instantly clear.
  • Exhibits should be cited in the text of your write-up.
  • You can use exhibits to simplify presentation of pro- and con- arguments for the various options by summarizing key benefits/ disadvantages along the 5Cs framework, presenting LTV or EVC to various segments, etc.


NOTE:              Every case may not include every element described above.  The specific case will dictate what must be included. Focus on the most important arguments and analyses.



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