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Consumer behaviour subject

Discuss to what extent is the consumer behaviour of Millennials different to that of Baby Boomers in the area of Luxury/ novelty goods (chose one luxury brand such as Gucci, chanel etc)

Word count: 1500 (excluding references and bibliography)

Use Harvard referencing

Apply one behavioural concept in depth and provide critical analysis theory of your chosen behaviour concept.

Your behaviour concept could be chosen below (chose only one behaviour concept/ theory for your assignment)

  • Classical conditioning

  • Instrumental conditioning

  • Observation learning

  • Cognitive learning

    Important aspects to consider:

  • You must highlight the differences and similarities of consumer behavior in regards to Millennial and Baby Boomers.

  • You must justify all your arguments by supporting them through relevant academic literature, statistics and/ or examples.

  • Conclude an answer to the set question based on your research.

Assessment 1: Individual assignment – Marking criteria


70 +





Assignment is well written and presented. No spelling or grammar mistakes are present. The work is well structured.

Logical coherence among the different parts is evident.

It is visually interesting and utilises Adobe Spark features to support the content.

Good presentation of the work.
Overall the structure is good and the different parts are well connected. Few grammar and / or spelling mistakes are present. Adobe Spark features are used to support the content.

The work lacks in clarity although all the points required have been covered.

The structure needs to be improved.
Spelling / grammar mistakes are present throughout the work. The used Adobe Spark features partially support the content.

Poor presentation of the work. Grammar and spelling mistakes are evident in all the work.

Unclear structure of the work. The different parts of the assignment are disjointed. The Adobe Spark features used display irrelevant material and do not support the content.


The question is fully answered. A sophisticated and theoretically aware presentation that explores the differences around the consumer behaviour of the chosen generations in an informed and perceptive way.

The question is answered. A carefully explained and clear

conveys a good sense of consumer behaviour of the chosen generations and differences around them.


The focus of the question is appreciated. A coherent presentation but with some omissions or lack of clarity in the presentation of consumer behaviour of the chosen generations.

Only the barest appreciation of the focus of the question is apparent. A descriptive list of sources, with little defined structure or without differences of consumer behaviour of the chosen generations. There may be errors or material included may be irrelevant to the topic.


behaviour model. The analysis is well focused and supported by Significant evidence of ability to sustain an argument, to think analytically, critically and/or creatively and to synthesise material.

Examples are used in a focused way to illustrate points.

choice and of an consumer

Good choice and application of an appropriate consumer behaviour model.

The elements of the models have been analysed, however few mistakes are present.

Demonstrates ability to synthesise material, to construct responses and demonstrate creative skills which reveal insight and may offer some originality. A focused use of examples is displayed.

Incomplete application of a consumer behaviour model.
Some aspects of the models have been analysed.

In some parts there is lack of ability to construct and organise arguments. Some degree of critical analysis, insight and creativity is apparent. Only some examples support the content.

The application of a consumer behaviour model is inadequate.

Isolated statements are

evaluation demonstration of creative skills are demonstrated. Knowledge of examples may be apparent, but will be applied in an unfocused manner

conceptual levels of and

Critical Evaluation

The work clearly shows an exceptional ability to evaluate critically and, where appropriate, to propose other theories to complement.

Consumer behaviour model is evaluated critically and, where appropriate, other theories are proposed.

The work demonstrates very limited evidence of critical analysis of the consumer behaviour model.

The work includes no critical evaluation of models.

Use of academic literature

Excellent use of academic literature to support the arguments. An excellent variety of resources have been used.

Academic journals have been used in all the work. The referencing is accurate, flawless and in Harvard style.

Good use of academic literature in support of the arguments.
A variety of resources have been used. Academic journals have been used in some parts of the work. The referencing is in Harvard style with minor inconsistencies.

Some academic literature has been used to support the arguments made.

Lack of resources used / or heavy reliance on few resources.
In some parts the choices made have not been fully supported by relevant literature. The referencing is not in full




Harvard style.


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