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Task 4 Employment Law Write a memo from HR to senior management explaining the business advantages of maximising diversity in their workplace. Then explain what might be the potential problems so that they can be addressed before they arise. Include references at the end of your memo. TASK 5 Employee Relations • Identify a strike that took place during 2016 or 2017 in the UK • What companies/organisations were involved? • What trade unions were involved? • What caused the strike? • How was it resolved? Include References HRM 2005 Workbook Part 2 Task 6 Psychological Contract and Employee Engagement Read the mini case study below and identify the following: 1. The aspects that are likely to have breached the trainees’ psychological contract 2. The aspects that would have affected their levels of Engagement Use the contents of the lectures to inform your answers. References are required Some years ago a multi-site retailer decided to ‘grow their own’ managers by setting up their own graduate training scheme. They recruited a cohort of keen people who were to have two years of training before being given the job of department manager. Most of these trainees were graduates, though some had been working for the company on the shop floor before applying. Some of the successful applicants had applied for several similar training schemes and were therefore aware of the training that other employers were offering their graduate trainees. As is usual with graduate trainees they had placements in a number of stores as part of their training as well as some training days which took place centrally. They also had an induction which lasted two days prior to going out to their first placement. ?Stores traded from 8am and 8pm but, unlike shop floor staff who worked for a set number of hours, the trainees had no set starting and finishing time. As there were only a few managers on duty at any one time in an average store the trainees were expected to do the openings and closings in addition to working on the shop floor. The time that should have been set aside for study was often denied to them as they were required to help out on the shop floor. After two years not one single trainee was left – they had all moved to other jobs mostly outside the company. HRM 2005 Workbook Task 7 You have been asked to run a workshop for new managers on EITHER Managing Absence OR Managing Retention You will need to explain why it is important to manage absence/retention effectively, list the main reasons for absence/turnover and describe the strategies that should be put in place to minimise absence/turnover. References are required. WORKBOOK TASK 8 For this task you will first need to complete two questionnaires to find out about your Preferred Learning Styles using Honey and Mumford’s questionnaire and about your rating on Gardner’ Multiple intelligences Scale. You will then need to look at the information describing the features of the different categories in the scales. The information for the Learning Styles is attached to the questionnaire and the information for Gardner’s scale can be found on sheet 2 of the excel spreadsheet. Then in your workbook answer the following questions: 1. What are your strong preferences according to the Learning Styles Questionnaire? 2. What type of Intelligences are the strongest for you? 3. With this information in mind, design a two year Graduate Management Training Programme for yourself that takes account of your strongest preferences and strongest intelligencies. This can be for Management Training for any industry but you must state the industry clearly. 4. Looking now at your least preferred Learning Styles and your weakest intelligences, put forward a plan to build up those areas before the beginning of the next academic year. DO NOT SEND THE COMPLETED QUESTIONNAIRES. JUST YOUR ANSWERS TO THE FOUR QUESTIONS



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