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By April 3, 2018Academic Papers

Discuss this assertion by Whittington,using empirical evidence to support your arguments. 1. To be completed in approximately 2500words
2. Please use diagrams if suitable

Main Direction
1. A critical evaluation of the diversification strategy from an academic perspective
2.Discuss the pros and cons of this diversification. Supported by evidences and examples 3. Based on the above, your critical comments to Whittington’s statement

Suggested structure
1. Introduction – purpose of this essay
2. Indroduce the concept of diversification and the major types
3. Benefits of diversification
4. Dangers of diversification
(For 3 and 4, please write one acandemic point and one example to support evidence)
5. Your critical comments – based on the above, do you agree with ‘Whittington’s statement’? Why? 6. Conclusion – recap the statement
7. References and appendices
*supported by examples, prefer to use well known examples
* key focus -part 3,4 and 5
* key main academic concept is Ansoff
* less focus on three types of strategies (vertical, related and unrelated)



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