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A1. Viability of the product of service that the business offers in an online environment. Going online with this type of business allows doors to open to possible customers who wouldn’t otherwise have knowledge of its existence. The type of service that this business offers is usually searched once due to the nature of the expected outcome. When looking for a home, expected buyers look for the one that fits all of their requirements. Most home shoppers have a realtor working with them to find the perfect fit. They may even have a website set up for them where their realtor will ask them to fill out a questionnaire that will give him/her a better idea as to what is really desired in their future home. It’s the same when someone is looking for a home to place their loved ones. Your hopes are to find the perfect fit the first time. For some, there isn’t much joy or comfort of going into a Long Term Care facility, no matter how luxurious the accommodations. This process can be very stressful, but by searching for the right accommodations online in the privacy of your own home, the transition can be made a lot easier. By being online, the prospected customers that actually come in for a scheduled tour will already have the necessary information ready as well as important questions. The customer base is very limited for a company like this when the only advertisement that is available is that of a street sign, newspaper articles, and even a possible commercial. There are problems with these routes of advertisement. How does one make a street sign attractive for a long term care home? When the sign is noticed, it’s by people who are driving and the really isn’t much as far as picture that could really draw someone in. Newspapers use to be the
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 excitement of the day. To wake up in the morning and grab the paper with a fresh cup of coffee was the American stereotype. Now news is spread as it happens. The internet leaks the latest bit of happenings every second. No one really wants to wait till the next day to find out what happened yesterday. Another form of advertisement is the television. This has been the forefront for advertisement, but the expense of a 60-90 secondcommercial could not be covered by this type of business. There are a lot of costly expenses that need to be taken into consideration when dealing with the types of payment methods that will come into play by future clients. Being online is gives more 24/7 advertisement. If the sight is set up properly, with the right key words for searching, this sight could pop up every time. A2. Current Online Competitor Assessment
 When evaluating the competition, it’s necessary to examine similar characteristics that relate to what your business has to offer. Most Adult foster care/Long term care facilities have the same type of staff on hand. Some examples of this would be the home manager, licensed care givers (certified nurse’s aide), Financial Administrator, and a Director of Nursing (D.O.N). Where Peaceful Livings Adult Foster Care Home differs, is that all of these positions, are held by people who are related. This is where Peaceful Livings AFC stands out from just being a business like its competitors. Some say that working with family could be risky, but the fact that this business has been in operation for more than a decade, should speak to the fact that some stereo types can be proven wrong. Because it is ran by family, each person on staff realizes that their lively hood is dependent somewhat on the other person. Where cross-
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 training can be done between selected positions, it is done for more complete knowledge of running this type of operation. The second component of this type of business is how the medical welfare is managed for each client. Most facilities have a doctor who comes and sign medical records as a formality and reviews charts with questions marked by the staff. Peaceful Livings AFC Home goes the extra mile by becoming the patients advocate and joining them as well as the family to all of the doctor appointments. Our goal is to become aware of all issues concerning the patient’s health so when questions arise, the staff at Peaceful Livings AFC Home can answer them with the correct information. Each client that chooses to make Peaceful Livings AFC Home their choice of final residents will be giving the choice of how their healthcare will be handled. The goal is to make sure that if a client wishes for a DNR, Do Not Resuscitate, to beincluded in on their healthcare plan, that as their advocate, we follow through with their designated plans. The last component of this type of business is the right to live this life in comfort, yet to be allowed to die with respect and dignity. Most facilities will allow for patients to be placed on hospice for end of life care. All comfort measures are given so there will be minimal amount of suffering. This process is not only affecting the patient, but the family members as well. At Peaceful Livings AFC Home, there are livings quarters that are set up so loved ones don’t have to worry about anything other than coping with their grief. There is a small non-denominational chapel on site where families can go for a piece of mind and grief counseling if need be. The death of a loved one is never easy even if the opportunity to say goodbye is
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 given. Our staff at Peaceful Livings AFC Home understands that grief is handled differently by everyone. The goal at this home is to treat each situation as uniquely as possible, yet learn that how each situation is dealt with can teach us how to handle the next. There is an understanding that there is a constant need for continued education. Each client that comes to stay here comes from a possible different decade and therefore ideas are different. Our staff is here to make the adaptation process easier. A3. Online Marketing Suggestions and Strategies
 When looking at who the customer base will be age, retirement status and level of health, are your key factors. Most people are living longer than they did years ago. Most people who choose to enter into this type of care environment, had jobs where if manual labor was a factor, pension/retirement plans were in place. In the case of a private business owner that has retired or sold his company, there is almost always a secured retirement plan in place. Assets are important when figuring out what type of payment method will be used to pay for their care. The elderly of today planned well for their retirement. This will be the client list that becomes your target for enrollment. These are the clients that have saved for their care in the latter years of life. They will have much more flexibility in their payment type as well as a life planned laid out for their final years. Thesecond type of client will be those who planned on Social Security to be there to pay for their retirement years. This is where the knowledge of the system comes into handy. The income qualifications and alternate types of payments can open up different doors for types of coverage. The staff at Peaceful Livings AFC Home has access to all types of medical coverage information. Examples of this would be:
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1. Medicaid- This is based on income qualifications. If assets are under $2000(no record of property being in the patient’s name) then this form of state assistance can cover things such as durable medical supplies, equipment (lifts, wheelchairs, some medications). Medicaid does not cover Prescriptions at 100% anymore. For there to be 100% zero copay then there has to be enrollment in a Medicare part D plan. To be enrolled in this plan, the client would have to drop any retiree plan they may have. The staff at Peaceful Livings AFC Home will way out the options with the client to see if this would be a benefit or hindrance. If the patient is eligible for this type of coverage, Medicaid will pay for their plan premium and cover any copays. 2. Medicare- This type of coverage can either come from private insurance such as a retiree plan or enrolled in a Medicare part D plan. A retiree benefit is a plan that is set up while the client was working for his/her job. This type of coverage is set up for living expenses and cost of physical care and done on the projection of what will be needed at a future time. With this type of coverage, there will be monthly premiums that will need to be paid. Sometimes the cost of care can exhaust the amount that is set up previously. This is where the client needs to understand that by keeping the retiree benefit is not always in their best interest. This is what the financial administrator is there for at Peaceful Livings AFC Home. They can look at the cost of living for a length set out by the client and any family member involved to see if there is any justification for keeping the set benefits. By doing business with Peaceful Livings AFC Home, the client’s needs are always made the topic of conversation. There will always be concerns for loved ones and how they are taken care of.
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 A family member should always stay family and never become patient. That is what Peaceful Livings AFC Home has to offer. We will take on the caregiver role while keeping the family role separate. With the competent staff that is on hand, most problems can be handled without bothering the family. Daily reports can be made available to the family for any changes that need to be made. When looking at the competitors, a pretty picture is painted by all. We all have the pictures of beautiful landscapes with a promise of peace in the air. We all promise excellent care with dignity and respect. The difference between Peaceful Livings AFC Home and other AFC/LTC homes is that Peaceful Livings offers a family setting. Ownership and management are not out sourced. This business has been family owned and operated for nearly a two decades. A4. Search Engine Considerations and Optimization Strategies It is very important to make sure that the website be easy to access. This could be one of the most important parts of taking your business online. This is where Search Engine Optimization comes into handy. If key words are not carefully thought out, finding the website for Peaceful Livings AFC Home could be difficult for those looking. On the chart below, I have listed some examples that would make Peaceful Livings AFC Home easily searched by those looking for this type of service. Since the population that will be searching for a place for their loved ones to live will be those that average between the ages of 35 to 45, it’s important to choose the proper search engines for this reason. One thing that is nice is that spelling doesn’t even have to be perfect. Most search engines will ask you if you meant something else. When choosing the proper search engine, one thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the sight flows from
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 one page to the next. It’s also important to use words that are appropriate for this type of business because some words are used with little frequency so the search will take a lot longer than if more specific words are used. When searching, the goal is to have as few pages show up and the desired business, Peaceful Livings AFC Home, come up in the top search. It’s easy to sit down and think of words/phrases that relate to the type of business Peaceful Livings AFC Home is. Some words/phrases thatwould be designated would be: 1. Adult Care- This phrase may seem vague but it will pull up such sites that may have related phrases such as “adult living” and “adult day programs”. Most search engines tend to evolve over constant searching by those who use the web. 2. Long Term Care Facilities- When using this phrase, it’s known that what a prospected client is looking for is a place where their loved one will be holding up residence. With this phrase, there will be some businesses that come up such and durable good suppliers to this type of facility. That is why it is important to also include words after the above phrase such as “…with openings”, “…with skilled nursing staff”. 3. Skilled Nursing Facilities- This phrase is very narrow. Sometimes it takes keeping things simple, to find exactly what you are looking for. When asking for a skilled facility, this will exempt businesses that look as if they may be a daycare center.
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4. Long Term Care Facilities-A phrase such as this will for sure bring up Peaceful Livings AFC Home. Since long term care facilities offers the same type of services as Peaceful Livings AFC Home, using this phrase will bring up this business on the first search. When searching, remember that some search engines will ask for an area restriction. This is where you want to make sure that your business can be reached by others state (even nation) wide. Being listed among certain social enterprises will help. This will allow for people to reach you even if your business is located outside of their scope of location. The name, Peaceful Livings AFC Home, will come up every time that a person searches within this social circle. Kind of like a “Who’s Who’s in nursing care”. It’s already a given that there are other related businesses out there that have gone online. This will be considered the competition. Since these other Adult Care Facilities that are offering the same thing that Peaceful Livings AFC Home is offering, it’s important to make sure that our business comes up with them. All phrases have a different source of power when searching. Some people will use very simple words because they aren’t really looking for specific facilities, but rather looking for ideas of what they are looking for. Then there are people who are looking for what they know they want:
1. Skilled Nursing
2. 24 Hour On-Sight Care
3. Private Living Quarters
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These terms hold a much higher value to words that would be considered of less value. Since Peaceful Livings AFC Home is one that provides all of the above, these words will hold a special use when optimizing the search engine.
 The words and phrases that are chose are those that will somehow relate to what you want the customer to think. What you want the customer to know is what you want them to ask for when searching. Peaceful Livings AFC Home offers the ability to live the retired life that was dreamt about when the mapping for retirement started decades before. Building the desired list and phrases of words is an ongoing process. It’s important to check frequently as to what words are being used to search out Peaceful Livings AFC Home. By researching this, phrases can be added and taken away for frequent usage or lack thereof. Once the most frequently used words/phrases have been precisely chosen, it’s important that those ideas are carried out within the website itself. Since Peaceful Livings AFC Home offers skilled staffing, it’s important to list what type of skilled staffing:
1. CENA’S-Certified Extended Nurses Aides
2. DON-Director Of Nursing
3. 4 RN’s- Registered Nurses
4. 4 Unit Managers
5. Licensed Accountant
These are important when describing Peaceful Livings AFC Home. The staff that is on hand is the very foundation of what this business is made of. Peaceful Livings AFC Home wants to make sure that all expectations are met, whether it is in person or online.
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A5. Social Media Integration
Social media is a way to get a company advertised and share with others what it has to offer to the community. 20-30 years ago this was done by commercials and newspaper articles. There was no true way to receive feedback from viewers unless there was a number to call or a mail in survey. With “stamped mail” almost on the edge of extinction, social media has to unrestrict itself and move into the era of online advertisement. This is where ads can be changed with a click of a mouse and updated with changes within seconds and sharing ideas, such as a business, is made easy. Social media is where the site will be seen and advertised by others. Since our society is more electronically savvy than 30 years ago, it’s important to look at online “groups” where Peaceful Livings AFC Home can be found. The average person entering into a LTC/Assisted Living Facility is generally around the age of 67 years old. If there are children, the approximate age of them would be about 40-48 on average. This age group used social media sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and even various Blog sites on a regular basis. The sites that would be helpful when spreading the word about Peaceful Living AFC Home would be mostly the Blog sites. By using the social media tool of Blogging, it allows for people to put into their own words what they thing of the business. People, who come to visit their loved ones, may take pictures in their rooms, landscape pictures of walks that are taken on the grounds of the property or even special occasions that were celebrated while visiting. This type of advertising is free. People using the keywords listed in the search engine optimization, could easily come across these blogs left behind.  VanNiman 11
Blogging is a sort of online diary. It’s like when people go to a vacation spot and leave behind what they like on a scale of 1-5. Sometimes it can be as simple as a review of what they saw and experienced. Examples of this would be what the rooms look like, what date is the décor, and even what the meals are like. These three things are the exact views that a person could blog about. This is where making sure all three of these observations are set to a certain standard. The rooms at Peaceful Livings AFC Home can bedone to the specifications of each client within reason. There are some state licensee laws that have to be followed but there is a lot of room for alterations. The décor is pleasant to the eyes and is set up to easily be changed. Food is important to people. As we age, food can lose a lot of excitement because of certain medications that the client is on or because of diet restrictions. This is where options are given. An open menu idea is given to each client based on likes, dislikes, and health reasons. All three of these can be blogged about and can be used as a tool of judgment by those visiting the site. People listen to each other when there is a chance of criticism. Society is big on judging itself and blogging is a big way to do that. Peaceful Livings AFC Home could use the blogs as a training tool for its staff where reviews might have listed concerns of certain areas of performance. These concerns can be a form of social bookmarking. People will be able to share with others what was most striking about Peaceful Livings AFC Home page. Here is where the end goal is to have the business linked with other sites that have some sort of relation. Some examples would be any medical durable supply business such as airway oxygen supplies, power lifts, motor scooters, personal hygiene products, just to name a few. Businesses like these that are online are sure to have some sort of link with the adult care world.
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 Making sure that the social media is sound for Peaceful Livings AFC Home when it goes online, will be an ongoing process. Using the consumer’s feedback will show ways of improvement and gain insight on how to conduct a business online. Being professional with your business is the first thing that should be thought of every time a decision is made where that business name is linked to an idea. Peaceful Livings AFC Home has the ability to touch many people do to the nature of what it offers. A6. Customer Relationship Management
 Feedback is one way to learn how your business can improve and where it excels. On the website for Peaceful Livings AFC Home I suggest having an icon that can be selected where consumers that visit the site, can give their opinion of its usefulness. Potential customers are what will makebeing online, successful. If People don’t look at your site and research all it has to offer, being online will only add to the debt of the business. Not all business walks in off the street anymore. People are staying home and letting the technology that use daily, find most everything that they want to spend their money on. Keeping people coming back to find out what’s new at Peaceful Livings AFC Home, will depend on the relationship that is kept via internet. Making sure that new clients will always be able to find what events may be coming up or any changes that will be made are important. The elderly don’t deal well with a whole lot of changes and constant “hoopla” in their daily lives. Making sure that a schedule is always available online on a weekly basis is a must. Also by requesting emails from family members, monthly newsletters can be sent out and event calendars can be created. Keeping the site clean of any offensive words and unnecessary media is important. So in other words
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appearance is very important. The basics and well care of loved ones are what prospected clients are looking for. It’s important that customers are able to contact business personal with any questions that may arise. Peaceful Livings AFC Home will have an access site set up where families can email levels of administrations questions or concerns. Since this type of business falls under the privacy of information, only the administrator with the approved training will be able to access and answer these questions. This goes vise versa as well. Only selected administrators will be granted access to client files. This means financial records, medical records, healthcare appraisals, etc. Confidentiality is important to almost everyone when sharing information. Potential clients will be given (upon enrollment) copies of the company policies of releasing personal information. Discression is the key to a person’s livelihood. There will also be a link to documents that can easily be printed off or signed by electronic pin number that shows permission to gain access to this type of information. There are other ways of optimizing customer relations and that is by taking into consideration how the site is used and who looks at it. Taking into account what people are looking for can also be used towards understanding what the customer wants. Because of the type of visitor that looks intobusinesses such as Peaceful Livings AFC Home, it’s important to keep track of what they are looking at the most on the website. , where most of the complaints being directed at and what is it the potential clients wants to see more of. All this can be seen by researching what’s searched and what’s not searched. Using a specific type of data gathering program that can gather information such as listed above, is what would be instilled
 VanNiman 14
 within Peaceful Livings AFC Home’s website. Some sites use data gathering of customer buying history, some use data that pulls from previous client reviews. The type of data that would be relevant to Peaceful Livings AFC Home would be the information that is entered for payment type. Since they type of payment tells the business owner the stature of the client, this information is vital. If a patient in coming into the home with a private pension, private insurance that is paid by the client making premium payments, or complete state aide dependant, it’s important to know because there is a chance that payment to the business could be interrupted because of income status change. By knowing this information, expecting clients under different rules may need to be taken into consideration. For example, a client puts down that they are going to be using a 40 year-in-the- Making retirement plan that is attached to a well invested IRA; this information would be gathered using one of the data programs used in customer relation management. A7. E-Commerce Solutions
 Even if a business like Peaceful Livings AFC Home doesn’t offer a product that can be put in a shopping cart, it does offer types of payment solutions. Peaceful livings AFC Home offers funds to be transferred by direct deposit into a selected business account per client. This payment method is set up so families can see how and where their funds are going towards the care of their loved ones. In the process of signing up for this type of payment method, there is a customer agreement that must be signed. This customer agreement has an area where there must be signed by the P.O.A (Power Of Attorney). This person is someone who takes on the
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responsibilities of making sure all bills are paid to the facility in behalf of the client. Areas of importance on this customer agreement are: 1.Billing address for P.O.A, contact phone number
2. Emergency contact information(alternative to responsible party 3. Credit card authorization forms for:
4.Authorization to collect monies for final living expenses in the untimely manner of death.
These forms must be filled out to complete what would be considered the “ordering” process. All forms can be signed with an online signature PIN number that can be used for further signing options. There are many options for how often payments can be set up and made. Depending on a credit check that would be done to secure payment, intended clients can make weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or quarterly payments. The vendor that would be used for the online purpose of Peaceful Livings AFC Home would be Yahoo!. Yahoo! is used on a daily basis by most computer using people. Yahoo! can be used for searching just about anything, so why not use them for this business venture? Since Yahoo! is used often, explaining how to navigate around what it has to offer wouldn’t totally be necessary in every situation. The cost for using this vendor to carry the storefront for Peaceful Livings AFC Home makes perfect sense. Yahoo! is a great way to show off any small business. It’s easy to import data gathering reports right into the fixed reports based on Peaceful Livings AFC Home. Here the owner of the site can see what people are looking at the most and where there seems to be a lack of searching. There is no need to waste time on areas that people
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 aren’t interested in looking. There are plenty of videos that can be uploaded that will show the potential clients what they can expect at Peaceful Livings AFC Home. Yahoo! can support this type of information because of it bandwidth space. Yahoo! allows for each customer to have its own individual email address for information that can be sent to them thatconcerns their loved ones care. Also, payment notices can be sent via email when automatic dispersments are set up. This type of ecommerce sight is extremely easy to use and customer/searcher friendly. Because of the complexity of the decision that needs to be made by the customer, it’s important to make searching for and accessing the online information for Peaceful Livings AFC Home easy. A8. International Considerations
 With the type of business that Peaceful Livings AFC Home is, being thought of internationally needs to be done so with the concept of international being state side. The United States is a melting pot of many different nationalities, religious beliefs, and cultural standards. This place of business needs to address all these areas as well. Since we have already addressed the fact that Yahoo! would be the ecommerce sight of choice, it’s a given that the band width to support any international forms of communications would be possible. Using the postal services to communicate to the next state over or even the next country over is almost a thing of the past. The ability to stay in contact with the ones that we care about is important and Yahoo! can provide that certainty. Peaceful Livings AFC Home recognizes the need for cultural understanding. There are no restrictions on what type of client Peaceful Livings AFC Home takes in. Just as much as them
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 being an equal opportunity employer, they hold no restrictions on who becomes a client. Ethnicity, beliefs, and cultural backgrounds don’t come into play. All are respected and given the same respect as those who are also interested in doing business. A9. Project Web Development and Maintenance Costs
 The online store front for this business is very simple and doesn’t have a lot of areas that would have a high cost. Since there is really only one thing that Peaceful Livings AFC Home sells, there is a low level of cost to keep the business online. The table below will show what the annual cost will be to keep a store front online. Table 1
Development Cost(initial)|$17,000|
Charge Card Fee|$100-$5000=%2.50$5001-$9,999=%2.75|
The development cost initially is where most of the important decisions are made once the idea to create a store front is set. The more that is put into the site, the more it will cost. Making sure that everything that is listed is important will ward off unnecessary initial cost. Since there is only one product that is being sold, which is a place to live, there is only one item that can be purchased. Setting up an annual fee makes more sense because the cost is lower when paid in full up front. This has been calculated in the development cost. The quarterly cost will consist of paying for maintenance of the site by the service that is providing the store front. The quarterly
VanNiman 18
 cost will also cover the storage fee. By storage fee I mean the amount of information that is fed into the site by those that enlist its services. Examples of this would be the scanning of contracts, the printable PDF files, and the storage of individual emails set up at the time initial service. The last area of cost for the site that is significant is the way in which the customer can pay online for services provided by Peaceful Livings AFC Home. Using a credit card on line or having payment automatically deducted from a private checking account needs to have a security services attached to it. This service is much like the service that online banks have for customers that log on to access private and delicate information. This information needs to have the security linked to it that would be as if the client was actually walking into a bank themselves. As listed in the table, there are finance fee’s attached to the different increments that are indicated with each transaction. This percent is added by the service to cover that cost.


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