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Applied Circuits I 

3 credits 

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of electric circuits. Students will learn methods for analyzing DC networks under different loading conditions. Topics include Kirchoff’s voltage and current laws, node analysis, mesh analysis, impedance, series and parallel load combinations, transient analysis, operational amplifiers (op-amps), and Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis (SPICE) modeling. Students also develop skills in PCB fabrication and soldering. Prerequisites: PHY-111 and PHY-111L. Co-Requisite: EET-202L. 


Applied Circuits I Lab 

1 credits 

This laboratory-based course reinforces the analysis of DC networks by providing additional hands on experience in breadboarding, modeling, and measuring inputs and outputs for a given circuit. Prerequisites: PHY-111 and PHY-111L. Co-Requisite: EET-202. 


Applied Circuits II & Lab 

4 credits 

This course builds on the topics of EET-202 and introduces more advanced circuit analysis concepts. Topics include complex impedance, AC steady-state response, resonance, passive and active filters, Bode plots, and magnetic circuits. Students practice circuit design and verification in MATLAB. Prerequisite: EET-202. 


Digital Electronics and Integrated Circuits & Lab 

4 credits 

This course teaches students about digital electronics and semiconductor-based devices. Topics include diodes, bipolar and field-effect transistors, logic gates, combinational and sequential logic, amplifier circuits, and microcontrollers. Prerequisite: EET-302. 


Embedded Systems 

4 credits 

This course covers topics in electrical and mechanical instrumentation and data acquisition. Topics include gauges and transducers, calibration, signal noise and conditioning, computerized data acquisition (DAQ) systems, results documentation, and statistical analysis of data. Prerequisite: PHY-111, PHY-111L, PHY-112, PHY-112L, EET-202. 


Communication Networks & Lab 

4 credits 

This course covers topics in communications and networking. Students will study methods for analyzing continuous and discrete signals, sampling, noise, and data transmission protocols. Lab activities may include wireless networking, modulating radio signals, and system modeling in MATLAB. Prerequisite: EET-302. 


Industrial Automation 

2 credits 

This course introduces students to topics in industrial automation such as the electrical systems that power and control modern robotics, the programming logic that directs their behavior, design and implementation challenges, automated metrology, safety protocols, and environmental considerations. Systems of focus may include electrical power generation, automotive manufacturing, and circuit board manufacturing and assembly, and silicon wafer handling. Prerequisite: ETG-415. Co-Requisite: ETG-410. 



Electrical Troubleshooting and Maintenance & Lab 

4 credits 

This course teaches preventative maintenance and fault isolation. Students learn about common failure modes and ways to increase system reliability. Topics include safety, test equipment, troubleshooting methodology, interpreting schematics, power distribution, common control circuits, and motor maintenance. Prerequisite: EET-320. 



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