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Development Of An E-Commerce Website

Electronic Commerce Systems (ISY10058) Assignment 2

Title Development of an e-commerce website

Weight 30% of overall unit assessment

Due time 12 Jan 2018 11:00 PM for Assignment 2-1 25 Jan 2018 11:00 PM for Assignment 2-2

Length Maximum 1500 words for Assignment 2-1

Task description

You will develop a prototype (front end) of e-commerce website for a real or fictional business.

This assignment includes 2 parts:

 Assignment2-1 is a system analysis and front-end website design document.

 Assignment2-2 is a prototype of an e-commerce website which is built according to Asignment2-1. (The prototype may not fully operate, and you don’t need to write programs.)



 You should outline the business background and its customers/visitors, and the aim of developing the website.

 You should analyse the business by utilizing at least 2 of the following tools o SWOT analysis o Audience analysis o Environment analysis o Risk analysis o Scope analysis o Structure chart

 You should determine the objectives to develop the website according to the above business analysis. The objectives include o Online marketing – You should determine and discuss a marketing

strategy in the context of the website.

o Online sale/purchase – The website should have at least 10 products within at least 4 categories. Visitors can complete purchase from viewing a catalogue through to receiving order confirmation.

o Customer centric design – You should analyse the targeted visitors, and develop solutions for usability, accessibility, interactivity, personalization, etc.

o Trust creation and maintenance – You should outline and explain types of trust that are relevant to the website.



o Other objectives, such as implementation of security, recruitment, special e-commerce environment, new e-payment system, etc.

 You should develop your solutions (functions, features and/or components of the site) for the above objectives. For example, catalogue, shopping cart and transaction processing are the basic functions for online sale. Business information, customer support/help, security statement, privacy policy, virtual community, etc. are examples for one or more objectives. Relating current technologies, such as Web 2.0, mobile technology and artificial Intelligence, will be a bonus. You should try to avoid functions, components or features that annoy the visitors.

 You should utilise a concept map to summarise the relationship among the above aim, objectives and solutions.

 You should design the website according to the above analysis, where o

You should ustilise a navigation map hyperlink structure design, and o

You should utilise story boards for web page design.

You should organise document contents logically.

You can revise or update the analysis/design document after it is submitted initially, and submit the updated version of Assignment2-1 together with Assignment2-2. In the updated version, changes must be highlighted or indicated clearly. Significant changes to the original analysis/design indicate a poor original analysis/design, and therefore you can’t get additional marks from the revision work.


You are required to build an e-commerce website by utilizing an authoring tool. Microsoft Expression Web 4 is recommended. Your website must be assessable without installing it to a server.

 Your website should completely and accurately implement the design in Assignment2-1.

 Your website should be user-friendly according to customer centered design.

 Hyperlinks in your website should be intuitive and functional. While programs for the back-end processing are not required, the site should explain the back-end processes, where appropriate. For example, you designed to include a search function, which allows a visitor to enter keywords and click a button or use the Enter key to activate a search. Although the search function may not actually operate, the site should respond with a dummy search result, or provide an explanation about what happens.

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Marking criteria

Maximum Category Specific criteria marks

Understanding of issues Concise and relevant description of the

business and customers (5)

Appropriate marketing strategy (5) 15

Logical analysis of technical and social issues

(customer centric design, trust, etc.) (5)

Requirement analysis Complete and logical e-commerce solutions 10


Accurate and complete concept map (5)

Use of analysis/design


Accurate and complete story boards (10) 25

Intuitive navigation map (5)

Appropriate other 2 tools (5)

Complete and accurate implementation of

design (20)

Effective components (Quality and number of

Website elements for e-commerce) (15) 45

Friendly and workable website (5)

Appealing presentation (layout and

components) (5)

Authoring skill Capable in using authoring tool (5) 5

Total mark 100

Document Format  Assignment2-1 must be word-processed using MS-Word.  Assignment2-1 must contain an assignment cover sheet.  Filename = YourLastNameFirstInitial_ISY10058_Ass2-1.docx

e.g. SmithJ_ISY10058_Ass2-1.docx.



An analysis and design document is not a traditional report. In Assignment2-1, abstract, conclusions and recommendations are not necessary.

Assignment submission

You should submit Assignment2-1 in the Turnitin assignment box for your location at the Blackboard of this unit.

For Assignment2-2, you should classify the files (including revised version of Assignment2-1), organize them in different folders according to the classification, and include them in a zip file. The file name should be YourLastNameFirstInitial_ISY10058_Ass2-2.zip, e.g. SmithJ_ISY10058_Ass2-1.zip. You should make sure you have deleted all the files that are not used for your website before submission. You should submit the single zip file by email to your lecturer/tutor/maker.

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