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How does Gene R. Swenson define “sign painters” in his essay? (What are the qualities/characteristics he specifies?) Please note, Swenson’s essay is the very first analysis of what we now call Pop Art

Andreas Huyssen essay “The Cultural Politics of Pop” is a political analysis of Pop Art. What does Andreas Huyssen claim about Pop Art’s reception in West Germany during the late 1960s and 1970s, and how did that differ from the U.S.?

Huyssen’s analysis highlights two influential cultural theories: Theodor Adorno’s negation and Herbert Marcuse’s affirmation, and these function as Pop’s dialectic throughout the essay. How does Huyssen define “negation” and “affirmation”?

How does Roland Barthes define an author in “Dealt of the Author”? (see pages 142-146)

How does Barthes define the reader? (see page 148) SEE ATTACHED FILES FOR READINGS 

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