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The SGA, to improve the ethical culture in the GMBA program, should consider certain areas of life of students enrolled in the program.

The reward system for achieving goals set is one such area. Awarding students for completing tasks successfully is a good way of keeping them motivated, however, focusing on the goals and not the way of achieving them creates problems. A strategy to address this is to make the reward system to be focused on not only achieving the goal but how the goal is achieved. This strategy is likely to work since it discourages the “at all costs” mentality that many would take when competing for rewards. Students would then also approach such situations ethically as how they conduct themselves count.

Sanction systems is another way of life in the program that should be targeted. This is punishing students for unethical behaviors. Although it generally discourages unethical behavior, it brings about problems if the compliance system is weak. A strategy to avoid this is to remove the focus of a decision-making process from the consequences of non-compliance to its ethical implications.

Moral compensation, or simply the mitigation of unethical behavior with good deeds, is another area of life that should be targeted by the SGA. Students acting morally in one area would act immorally in another to achieve moral equilibrium. A strategy to prevent this from happening is to set ever increasing high standards for moral behavior while adopting a zero-tolerance policy for unethical behavior.

Informal cultures among the students in the program is an important area to target to improve moral behavior. Peer pressure influences behavior greatly. The SGA should learn the informal norms of students in the program to shift it to celebrate ethical behavior. To simply impose morality isn’t enough as the informal culture is dominant. A proper strategy should be specific to the GMBA program as crafted by the SGA. Changing the informal culture would yield better results in improving morality among students rather than devising an elaborate formal code of conduct that does not reflect the true values held by the students.

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