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American Government and Politics 

4 credits 

This course is an introduction to American government and politics. It covers the constitutional foundations and governing institutions of the federal government. Throughout the course, students address common political themes, such as the nature and scope of governance, democracy, citizenship, and patterns of political behavior. 





Introduction to Comparative Government and International Politics 

4 credits 

This course compares and contrasts various systems of government in Western and non-Western countries, and explores political and diplomatic processes and how they affect international relations, nations, and localities. 


Introduction to Political Theory 

4 credits 

This course examines the political processes that determine who gets what, when, and how in society, and explores the issues and concepts that are used to develop and critique political theories. The classics as well as the more contemporary expressions of political thought are introduced. 


Public Administration 

4 credits 

This course explores the theory and practice of governmental administration at the national, state, and local levels and the implementation of legislation. It examines the role of the bureaucracy in the federal government and the states. Prerequisite: GOV-366. 


Philosophy of Law 

4 credits 

This course is an introduction to topics in legal philosophy, including but not limited to the foundations of law, the relation of law and morality, law and ethics, whether persons have a duty to obey the law, the nature of property, the reasonableness of punishment, and the role of constitutions in law. Readings will be drawn from both historical and contemporary sources. 


Research Methods in Government and Politics 

4 credits 

This course introduces the qualitative and quantitative methods used to research and study politics including hypothesis testing, inference, and causal reasoning. Prerequisite: GOV-140. 


Civil Law 

4 credits 

This course provides an overview of the broad field of civil law, giving students a contemporary, practical understanding of the different fields of civil law. The course also provides analytical techniques for resolving legal problems. 


Public Policy Analysis 

4 credits 

This course covers public policymaking in American federal government. It focuses on the impact of policy on public opinion, the media, interest groups, and governing institutions within the executive, the legislative, and the judicial branches. Prerequisite: GOV-140. 


State and Local Government 

4 credits 

This course focuses on the structures, processes, and policy outputs of state and local governments in the United States, with special reference to Arizona political, social, and economic environments. Prerequisite: GOV-140. 





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