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Instructional Leadership (EDL) 



Training and Collaboration for Learning 

3 credits 

Clearly, instructional leadership today is driven to a great extent by the capacity to lead teaming and collaboration. This course will explore the leadership required to support teaming at all levels. For example, horizontal teams are required in schools today in order to be thoughtful about the instructional leadership decisions that must be made on a consistent basis. This requires strategic grade-level collaboration that helps to ensure horizontal alignment of the curriculum and consistency in instructional practice. Furthermore, vertical collaboration includes teachers and administrators from different levels—perhaps from central office, etc.—all working together toward instituting a more comprehensive implementation of the instructional plan. This exploration will include an examination of Professional Learning Communities and the mechanisms used to make this reform model successful. 




History and Politics of K-12 Education 

3 credits 

This course provides a broad, global overview of the history and politics of K-12 education and examines the political landscape and ethics surrounding K-12 education. A brief overview of governmental interventions is also presented. Prerequisite: RES-850. 


Staff Development and Deep Organizational Learning 

3 credits 

Leaders today must be comprehensively cognizant of the steps they can take to lead deep organizational learning. Specifically, the evolution of brain research, adult learning theory, and the exploration of contemporary conventions on leading learning organizations have given us new insights into the tools we need to help adult learners make their learning organization as thoughtful and forward-thinking as possible. This course will, therefore, explore contemporary leadership strategies associated with adult learning theory and talk about the steps leaders can take to ensure that their school is leading the learning in the most effective way possible. 


Governance and Structures in K-12 Education 

3 credits 

This course examines internal and external governance and structures in K-12 education. The course emphasizes analysis of the leadership practices necessary to guide construction of appropriate internal and external frameworks. Prerequisite: RES-850. 


Systematic Structures for Innovation and Change 

3 credits 

This course will specifically examine the change process from a systemic standpoint. Clearly, there are a number of sources for innovation, change, and growth in any school. Included in this exploration will be topics related to teacher leadership, the use of collaboration in Professional Learning Communities, and the connection between district-level strategic planning processes and the steps schools can take to lead innovation and change from the building level. Examining the points wherein these systems connect and ultimately emerge represents a major focal point of the course. 


Building a K-12 Community 

3 credits 

This course examines relations with K-12 education stakeholders, including boards, learners, parents, faculty, staff, and the community at large. Attention is given to creating and sustaining a diverse learning infrastructure through faculty and staff professional development, alumni relations, and the building of a learning community. Prerequisite: RES-861 or EDL-861. 



The Systematic Use of Data for Innovation and Change 

3 credits 

Data today clearly drives how we think about school improvement and change. The strategic and appropriate use of data allows us to be much more thoughtful about where we have been, our current levels of progress, and the steps we should take moving forward to continue to influence these most essential results. This course will focus on the leader’s role in identifying the appropriate data sets and the mechanisms that can be put into place to consistently evaluate data streams and be thoughtful about their exploration and deep-level analysis. 


Trends and Issues in K-12 Education 

3 credits 

This course examines the current and emerging leadership strategies and classroom practices in K-12 education. Topics are placed in the context of improved student outcomes. Prerequisite: RES-861. 


Prevention and Intervention Strategies 

3 credits 

Throughout the instructional leadership program, learners will examine the steps leaders can take to be thoughtful about their instructional planning processes and the influencers on that process. This course focuses on what leaders must do when they identify learning challenges in the system and the steps they must take from an instructional planning standpoint to both prevent learning failure and, at times, intervene in response to failure that is happening within the delivery of the instructional plan. This is an often neglected step in the instructional process, in that schools may develop change initiatives without being thoughtful as to what they will do when a cadre of students are not successful in the process. Preventing learning failure and intervening when those failures emerge is an essential aspect of instructional leadership and will be explored in this course. 


Strategic Planning in K-12 Education 

3 credits 

This course addresses the establishment of a shared mission, vision, and goals among both internal and external stakeholders as the foundation for long-range strategic planning in K-12 education. Professional and facilities development is addressed in the context of K-12 education master planning. 


Analysis of Educational Research 

3 credits 

This course is designed to train learners in the conduct of a systematic literature review related to their research topic or area of interest. Emphasis is placed on creating structure for reading, analyzing, synthesizing, and organizing prior research for educational purposes. Prerequisite: RES-850. 



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