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Choose any service organization/company with respect to your assigned category of service Process: (People/Processes/ Mental-Stimulus and Information processing).
You need to cover 7 Ps of Services for this term project.
Please make a report and presentation on the following aspects:

o Which service industry your company belongs to? What is the contribution of that service industry to Economic development (GDP).
o What are different alternatives of your service organization/company in the market?
o How service product characteristics affect the ease of evaluation for existing and potential customers (Search/Experience and Credence attributes)?

o What types of perceived risks are involved?
o Service encounter stage; Discuss the following:
? “Moments of Truth”, ‘’High contact/low contact service’’, “The Servuction system”
o What is their competitive advantage? Which service strategy (Market/unfocused/Service and fully focused)?
o Market Segment/Target Segment?
o Sketch out Positioning Map/Perceptual Map showing positions of different service providers in that industry. On y-axis and X-axis use attributes you think are determinant attributes.

Part A
Traditional Marketing Mix( Product, Price, Place and Promotion)
? Service product:
? Core Product and Supplementary Services
? Draw flower of service
? What is the branding strategy? Is reengineering of service process needed?
? Place/Distribution:
? Address the following aspect
w.r.t distribution of service offering:
(What/How/Where and When)
? Is there any intermediary involved?
? Can you suggest any improvement with their overall distribution system?
? Price:
? What pricing strategy is being used? (Cost based/Competition based/value to customers)
? Do they have high-yield customers?
? Have they developed rate fences (Physical fences and non-physical fences) ?
? Promotion:
? What kind of Marketing Communication Mix is it using in order to promote its service product? Do they need to improve it (Adding or deleting communication channels).