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Mechanical Engineering (MEE) MEE-340҂: 

Structure and Property of Materials 

3 credits 

This course covers basic concepts in materials structure and its relation to properties. The course will provide students with a broad overview of materials science and engineering. The goal of this course is to understand the fundamental reasons that materials have the properties they do. Students examine properties of interesting materials and try to understand them in terms of their actual atomic or molecular structure. Prerequisite: CHM-115, CHM-115L, PHY-122, PHY-122L, MAT-364. Co-Requisite: MEE-340L. 


Structure and Property of Materials Lab 

1 credits 

This is the lab section of MEE-340. The course reinforces theoretical concepts covered in lecture and with hands-on activities. Students conduct lab experiments to better understand how certain properties of materials manifest themselves. Prerequisite: CHM-115, CHM-115L, PHY-122, PHY-122L, MAT-364. Co-Requisite: MEE-340. 


Solid Mechanics & Lab 

4 credits 

This course covers concepts and theories of internal force, stress, strain, and strength of structural elements under static loading conditions. The course also examines constitutive behavior for linear elastic structures and deflection and stress analysis procedures for bars, beams, and shafts. Students will examine and analyze various modes of failure of solid materials. Prerequisite: ESG-250, ESG-360, MAT-364. 


Mechanical Instrumentation and Devices & Lab 

4 credits 

This course introduces standard mechanical tests and computer based data acquisition techniques, e.g., installing thermocouples, strain gages, positioning static and probes. ASME and ASTM test codes are studied, as are OSHA standards. The course examines how various physical property and system performance tests are set up, conducted, and analyzed. Prerequisites: ESG-202, ESG-202L, and MAT-364. 


Principles of Mechanical Design I 

2 credits 

Machine elements are selected and designed based on theories and methods developed in statics, dynamics, and strength of materials. Individual components will also be analyzed using CAE methods. Prerequisite: MEE-460, ESG-360. 


Principles of Mechanical Design II 

2 credits 

This course covers the integration of machine elements into a system and the verification that the resulting system performs as intended in its operational environment. Areas of study include technical planning, requirements management, integration, verification, validation, and production. Prerequisite: MEE-471. 

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