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Please add 2-3 pages to the essay I have already written attached below.
research paper (essay) persuading skeptical readers to consider your position on one of the debatable issues listed below or one chosen with approval of your professor. ”Debatable” means a topic about which intelligent, well-meaning people may disagree.
Your argument should be supported by information gleaned from credible written sources such as scholarly journals, newspapers, and pamphlets. You should take advantage of numerous websites, radio, or even television programs. Consider interviewing someone in the field, if possible. You will need to use your critical thinking skills to determine the validity and reliability of each source you use. Your sources should be current (usually not more than seven years old) unless you are providing historical background. All quotations, summaries, and paraphrases must be correctly cited and documented using the MLA documentation system. References to the citation system are in the MLA tab of the Hacker textbook, The Writer’s Reference.


1. Before handing in your final paper, you will have passed four checkpoints: (1) topic approval,
(2) thesis approval, (3) annotated bibliography (4) persuasive argument analysis essay, and (5) review by peers and instructor of your draft.
2. Most of your final paper should be in your own words. Do not make your final paper a simple collection of good quotations from other sources.
3. Present opposing viewpoints (counter arguments) fairly and refute them effectively.
4. Use at least FOUR different sources by at least FOUR different authors.
5. Avoid plagiarism by handling and documenting your sources appropriately. Remember, you must either quote your sources word for word exactly with quotation marks, or summarize or paraphrase your sources using your own language and style. Summarizing and paraphrasing are the preferred methods to quoting.
6. Your essay must be in MLA style: standard margins and spacing, Times New Roman with 12 point font, and a Works Cited page that is formatted correctly 

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