Order Custom Written Music Assignment #1

By December 19, 2017Academic Papers

some topics you can choose from:


-How do the accompaniment details, melody, rhythm, volume changes, density (varying thinner or thicker sounding layers) enhance or augment the music’s narrative and drama?

-What are other musical aspects/ingredients of the work that create its expression, intensity, message?

-How would you describe the work’s form? Which points of the music delineate the form of the work?

-Comparison: what are a few similarities and differences between some of these works?

-Which of the works appeals to you the most? Describe how.

– What is your interpretation of the works individually and in comparison?

– What features stand out –by their presence or absence? 

-With text or planned narrative, is there evidence of “word painting” (tone painting, text painting, creating moods)? It is the technique of writing music that reflects the literal meaning of a song. Ex. ascending scales/melody accompanying lyrics about going up; slow, dark music accompany lyrics about death, etc.


BACKGROUND RESEARCH for paper writing:


ABOUT Stravinsky:


Commissioned by Sergei Diaghilev, Ballets Rousse, Paris.

“Rite of Spring” “Pictures of Pagan Russia in Two Parts” ballet (1913) 

is a landmark avant-garde multi-media work and a stand-alone music composition.