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Presentation of an Implementation Plan


Using your Focus Papers from Units 1–4 as a foundation, propose a high-level implementation plan to restructure your selected organization. This will be a presentation to your organization’s executive team.


Checklist: Develop an 8–10 slide presentation that includes the following:

  • Include a title slide.
  • Introduce your presentation by defining the destination. (Figure 13.1 on p. 210 of the text is a good example.)
  • Summarize your selection for the pace of change. (You will complete the foundation for this in Topic 1 this week.)
  • Provide a high-level Gantt Chart for a six-month period. (Figure 13.2 on p. 215 of the text is a good example.)
  • Propose the implementation and activities of the reorganization initiative for launch, momentum, and learning and adjusting. (Figure 14.1 on p. 220 of the text is a good example.)
  • Identify 1–2 tipping points and where you will trigger them to assist with momentum. (You will complete the foundation for this in Topic 2 this week.)
  • Conclude with a compelling call to action and a request for commitment.
  • Provide a reference slide.

Notes: It is important that the slides be streamlined, interesting, and professional. The use of an appropriate template and SmartArt to graphically depict information (versus merely bullet points and words) is highly encouraged. The majority of the detail, analysis, and research should be placed in the notes sections.


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