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ORG-805: The Nature and Dynamics of 3 credits Organizations

This course provides a broad overview of the major theoretical frameworks of organizational theory and organizational behavior. Topics include organizational structure, culture, organizational design and effectiveness, learning organizations, motivation, communication, and decision making.

ORG-807: Stakeholders: Roles in 3 credits Organizations

This course examines the roles of stakeholders in a variety of organizational structures and discusses how the type of organization may affect the role of the stakeholder. Learners explore the stakeholder’s role in sustaining organizational effectiveness. Prerequisite: RES-850.

ORG-810: Leading the New Organization 3 credits

Leadership styles and organizational challenges faced by 21st century leaders are largely unparalleled and radically different from what we have known. A major contributory factor is the rate of change in the environment, and there are no signs of abating. Leadership styles and organizational methods developed for use under stable conditions are no longer as effective; hence, there have emerged different and newer ways of organizing, and a resultant revolution and redefinition of the competencies, skills, and abilities needed for successful leadership in the new era.

ORG-812: Organizational Theory, Structure, 3 credits and Process

This course examines organizational structure and its influence on organizational effectiveness and success. Learners evaluate organizational structure and explore methods for modifying structures. Open-systems theory is discussed. Research skills from RES-850 and ethical considerations are applied in the context of the course topics. Prerequisite: RES-850.

ORG-815: Understanding Toxic Leadership 3 credits

This course analyzes why we are attracted to leaders who do not have the best interests of their followers (or organizations) at heart. These leaders often display a charisma and style that mask their real intentions, which are ultimately about creating dependency and promoting their own careers and agendas. The consequences of this dysfunctional leadership style can be devastating to both the organization and its stakeholders.

ORG-817: Systems Thinking: Building 3 credits Organizations That Last

This course examines the shift from a traditional organizational structure to a learning organization. It looks at the unintended consequences of leadership decisions in the context of leading innovation. Prerequisite: RES-861.

ORG-820: Organization Governance and 3 credits Accountability

This course analyses the reasons for the growing importance of organizational governance and accountability in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. Technology (Web 2.0), recent ethical scandals, financial debacles, and globalization have shifted the paradigm of governance. This course covers the new ways to build organizational governance and accountability.

ORG-822: Individual Differences and 3 credits Organizational Outcomes

This course explores the use of aggregated data to study the relationship between individual differences and organizational outcomes. Role differences in decision-making teams are examined to determine how to best leverage these differences for overall organizational effectiveness. Prerequisite: RES-861.

ORG-825: Leading Value-Driven 3 credits Organizations

This course examines the rise of the value-driven organization, where the workplace is defined as something more than just a business contract between employer and employee. The phenomena of putting meaning into work and how this can support a responsive and adaptive organizational culture while driving competitive advantage is explored.

ORG-827: Strategic Decision Making 3 credits

The course analyzes decision-making paradigms and strategies through the lens of critical incident analysis, cross-cultural decision making, and collective leadership. Alignment of strategy, vision, and decisions is discussed.

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