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Business Model Development



This course introduces a business model development framework for identifying opportunities for organizational growth through innovation development and sales. Students are introduced to needs assessment techniques and marketing and sales analytics in order to apply problem solving strategies to identify, analyze, and solve problems via commercialization of innovative products, services, or business processes.

OGS-605: Customer Segmentation and 4 credits Analysis

Students will collect and analyze consumer data to identify customer segments for the commercialization of innovations. Students will use methods of consumer behavior and market analysis to establish the viability of an innovation and competitive advantage within a target market. Prerequisite: OGS- 600.

OGS-610: Finance and Revenue 4 credits

Students will assess the financial viability of a business model through identifying revenue streams generated via commercialization of products, services, or business processes. There is specific emphasis on pricing, costs of product development and distribution, and business model cost structure. Prerequisites: FIN-504 and OGS-605.

OGS-615: Marketing and Sales Management 4 credits

This course focuses on identifying, analyzing, and managing marketing and sales channels to drive product sales or service delivery. Students examine customer needs analysis, sales analytics, the sales cycle, and web-based marketing and sales strategies. Prerequisites: SYM-506 and OGS-605.

OGS-620: Funding Organizational Growth 4 credits

This course is an overview of how to fund ventures, innovations, and organizational growth strategies. Students research internal and external sources of funding and learn strategies for pitching proposals for raising capital to various stakeholders. Prerequisites: OGS-605 and OGS-610.

OGS-625: Infrastructure and Operations

4 credits

This course focuses on scaling up operations and infrastructure to support the growth of sales and services. Students examine legal and licensing issues related to marketing and sales, managing staffing and resources, and key partnerships. Prerequisites: ACC- 502, FIN-504, SYM-506, and OGS-605.

OGS-630: Sustaining Organizational Growth 4 credits

This course focuses on establishing an organizational culture that fosters the creativity and innovation necessary to drive continual product and service development and sales in today’s fast- changing business market. Students are provided with skills to lead organizational growth with an emphasis on collaboration, sales force design, business model management, and ethics. Prerequisite: OGS-605.

OGS-635: Launching Growth and Sales Models

4 credits

This capstone course requires students to complete and implement their business models and finalize their pitch to selected stakeholders. Students validate their business plans using sales and marketing analytics to prove the viability of their business models. Prerequisites: OGS-600, OGS-605, OGS-610, OGS-615, OGS-620, OGS-625 and OGS-630