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PHO 195 – History of Photography

Assignment #1 (worth 30% of your final grade + 10% for signing up)

Theme: Homage to a Masterpiece



For 10%, you must Sign Up any time during Week 2-3, no later than Friday February 2nd at 11:59PM.


For 30%, you must submit Assignment #1 any time during Week 4-6, no later than Friday February 23rd at 11:59PM.


Late Policy:

Late assignments will be penalized -5% for each day it is late, for 5 consecutive days (including weekends and holidays) at which time you will receive a ‘0’ grade with no chance of resubmission.


Academic Honesty Policy and Penalties for Plagiarism:

You may NOT recycle research done for a previous course or that appears in one of my lectures. Doing so will result in a ‘0’ grade. You must however consult your textbook for your chosen topic, inspiration and initial research.


This is a written research assignment, thus all research must be properly cited BOTH in-text and in a works cited list using MLA. Failure to provide either or both will result in a ‘0’ grade. Plagiarism will result in a ‘0’ grade and the incident will be reported to the Academic Honesty Committee for review. For further information about Seneca’s Academic Honesty Policy and Plagiarism, go to: http://www.senecacollege.ca/academic-policy/acpol-09.html


Before you proceed with your research, you MUST review the ‘Academic Honesty Tutorial’ found on the side panel of your course page.


Consult and use an MLA guide for all citations. If in doubt, seek help from a librarian and/or the library website (http://library.senecacollege.ca/Research_Help/Citing_Sources/index.html).



Choose ANY artwork (a painting, drawing, print, sculpture) FROM an art history textbook (such as Gardner’s Art Through the Ages) that you’d like to learn more about. In order to avoid ‘repeat’ topics, you must POST your chosen topic to the ‘Sign Up Blog’ (found on the side panel of your course page) no later than Friday February 2nd at 11:59PM. Make sure your posted topic has been approved before you proceed with your research.


You will earn up to 10 marks for finding and posting the following information regarding your chosen topic to the sign up blog by the due date:


1)     The image you have chosen (a clear image, the correct image and posted properly). 1 mark.

2)     The artist who created the image (full name). 1 mark.

3)     The birth and death date of the artist. 1 mark.

4)     The title of the artwork you have chosen. 1 mark.

5)     The date the artwork was created. 1 mark.

6)     The medium of the artwork (the materials used to create the artwork). 1 mark.

7)     The dimensions of the artwork. 1 mark.

8)     Where the artwork was originally housed and is currently housed. 1 mark.

9)     The style of the artwork. 1 mark.

10)   Posted on or before the due date. (Entries posted even one minute late lose this mark. Entries that have to be resubmitted for any reason will also lose this mark even if re-submitted BEFORE the due date.) 1 mark.

Total = 10 marks.


PLEASE NOTE: In addition to the above marking scheme, you will lose ONE mark for any spelling errors and ONE mark for any grammatical errors (e.g. improper use of capitals, punctuation, etc.)  – Up to an additional -2 marks overall. I need you to be conscientious about your work now, as the penalty for poor writing and grammar and is much greater on Assignment #1.


Further ‘How to’ posting instructions will be found on the ‘Sign Up Blog’ itself. An ‘Example Post’ is also provided (it’s the first entry). Be sure to read it before you make your entry.


After you sign up, I will respond to each post and let you know if you are on the right track, so please check your original post in a couple of days to make sure your topic has been approved. Once a subject has been posted, you may no longer sign up for that subject. If two people choose the same topic, the first person to post will be given the topic and the second person will have to choose a new one. The topic you sign up for is the one you will be report on for Assignment #1 and the image upon which you will create your own ‘photographic homage’. Failure to research the same topic for which you signed up will result in a ‘0’ grade.


The purpose of signing up is to find out ahead of time whether or not your topic is ‘researchable’. In other words, if you cannot find 3-5 legitimate sources on your topic to answer all the questions asked of you on this assignment, then you simply shouldn’t choose it.


*If you do not sign up by the above date, it will be assumed you are not submitting Assignment #1 and your mark will be ‘0’.




Assignment #1 and your Sign Up Blog must be of the same image! If you report on a different image than what you’ve signed up for, your mark will be ‘0’.


Your job is to conduct your own photo shoot IMITATING a famous work of art, which may be a famous painting, drawing, collage or photograph. The original image must be considered an iconic and historically renown image and should be familiar at first sight to most people—so I recommend searching for your sources in an art history textbook or your photo textbook (there are lots available of both at the Newnham Campus Library. I recommend ‘Gardner’s Art Through the Ages’). Imitating a picture your friend took on social media is NOT an option and will result in a ‘0’ grade—as will using a photo you took PRIOR to this assignment! I’d also recommend not choosing a contemporary artist/photographer who you’ve found on a social media site as you have to be able to conduct scholarly research on this person and it may simply not exist in those circumstances.


When you choose a masterpiece to reproduce, think about how to re-create the following: composition, lighting, colour, angle, tone, clarity (vs. blur), subject, etc. Rather than thinking of this as a direct copy of the original, think of this as an homage, or paying respect to the original; therefore, you have some freedom to experiment perhaps by updating the subject you choose to depict and/or changing the overall meaning of the original work of art. Whatever changes you choose to make, be prepared to DEFEND and support your choices.


I strongly recommend taking several images and then choosing the strongest image to submit for grades.


To help you further, I will post GOOD examples of this assignment taken by former students and other photographers. Look for these examples posted under ‘Lectures’ on your course page.


Again, Assignment #1 and your Sign Up Blog must be of the same image! If you report on a different image than what you’ve signed up for, your mark will be ‘0’.


In order to achieve the highest mark possible, you must do the following for this assignment and then post it to the ‘Photo Assignment #1 Blog’, found on the side panel of your course page. The first entry will be an ‘Example Post’—be sure to review it.


In the Assignment #1 blog you will do the following for marks:


1)     Post your ‘homage’ style photo and the ‘original masterpiece’ to the Assignment #1 Blog. (Directions how to do so, will be found on the blog itself.) Label both images clearly (artist, title, date, medium). Indicate which image is the homage, and fully label the original.


2)     You will then conduct scholarly, academic level research to answer the following questions in proper sentence and paragraph structure about the original artwork and your homage:


Paragraph 1:

Who created the original artwork? Where and when did this artist live and work? When was the original artwork created? Where was it created? How was it created (what was it made out of AND what technology AND/OR technique was used to make it)?

Paragraph 2:

With what style AND/OR time period is the original associated? (For e.g. Picasso often painted in the ‘Cubist’ style and Salvador Dali painted in the ‘Surrealist’ style. Photographers are also classified according to style and/or their approach or type of photography, e.g. Alfred Stieglitz started out as a ‘Pictorialist’ but later considered himself a ‘Straight Photographer’. You have to conduct research in order to be able to discover what style/approach they are associated with.) Define the style/approach used and how it was applied by this artist/photographer?

Paragraph 3:

What does the original artwork represent or mean or symbolize? How do we know? What’s the subject and/or story being told in this artwork?

Paragraph 4:

Where was the original image viewed and who was the intended audience? Did someone or some entity commission the artwork and if so, for what purpose? Where is the artwork now? (Some images were made to be displayed galleries, but others were created for specific individuals, such as royalty or the clergy in a Church. Others were made to be viewed in public and may have a political or commercial message.)

Paragraph 5:

Why is the original such a popular or iconic image? What about it captures your attention and inspired you to create an homage to it? What aspects of this artwork were you aiming to imitate and why?

                  Paragraph 6:

How did you go about updating the original to have more meaning for today OR why did you stick closely to the original?

Paragraph 7:

What was your process and what did you have to do as a photographer to achieve the desired results (e.g. discuss your technique, your lighting, your struggles, your achievements, your choices–your process in general). It’s assumed you took more than one photo to get your desired results. Explain the selection process that was involved that led to you choosing your best image. In other words, why is THIS your best image?

Paragraph 8:

What did you learn from looking closely at and studying a masterpiece? What did you learn from trying to re-create it?


You don’t have to worry about the total length of your write-up. As long as you research and answer each question as thoroughly as possible, you have done your job. You need to write several sentences for each and every paragraph in order to adequately answer all the questions asked of you. Research MUST be cited throughout.


How many sources should you use and what sources should you use?

In total, your in-text citations AND works cited list MUST reflect the use of THREE TO FIVE legitimate college-level research resources. Using fewer than three sources will result in a ‘0’ grade. Using more than five, as long as it has been cited throughout, is totally acceptable.


*REMINDER: WIKIPEDIA and similar cites, are NOT legitimate sources. You will receive a ‘0’ grade for using WIKI-anything. In fact, I would strongly discourage you from using Internet sources as most students seems to have challenges deciphering a legitimate site from an illegitimate site. You MUST use 3-5 legitimate, academic sources from BOOKS and/or JOURNALS. In other words, GO TO THE LIBRARY and take out BOOKS AND/OR use Seneca’s Databases and find relevant and UP TO DATE articles!


That being said, a legitimate website that would be useful to your research would be the gallery/museum that now houses the work of art. For example, the Mona Lisa is housed at the Louvre Museum in Paris, therefore, the Louvre website is an academic, reliable online source for this assignment: go to http://www.louvre.fr/en/oeuvre-notices/mona-lisa-portrait-lisa-gherardini-wife-francesco-del-giocondo).


In order to find out where your image is housed, use your textbook and read the image label. For example, on p. 255, image 9.4 reads: Leonardo da Vinci (artist’s name), Mona Lisa (artwork title, always italicized), ca. 1503-1505 (approximate date of the image), oil on wood (medium or materials used), 2’61/4” x 1’9” (dimensions/size of the image), Musée du Louvre, Paris (where it is currently located/housed). Then look for the museum’s website online.


Please note:

Although owning a camera is not a requirement for this course, most of you have one or have access to something that takes pictures (a phone, a computer). If you absolutely have no photographic technology, borrow it from a friend OR sign one out for Audio/Visual services in the library OR visit ‘Seneca Sandbox’, also located in the library (https://senecasandbox.wordpress.com). I don’t wish to view images taken BEFORE this project was posted (or stolen from somebody else!), so if you choose an image from summer vacation, OR I find out you’ve stolen the image, your mark will automatically be ‘0’ with no chance of resubmission. You will also be reported for dishonesty and plagiarism, which will appear on your transcripts (see ‘Academic Policy’ at http://www.senecacollege.ca/academic-policy/acpol-09.html).




Before you Submit Assignment #1, go over this checklist to ensure you are earning the most marks possible:


____You are researching the same image/topic for which you signed up (and it was approved).


____You used a recent edition of the MLA guide to cite ALL sources used. (https://library.senecacollege.ca/library/Research_Help/Citing_Sources/index.html)


____Includes both proper in-text citations AND a Works Cited list (failure to provide BOTH will result in a ‘0’ grade with no chance of resubmission).


____You have used and cited 3-5 academic sources in this research assignment (including your textbook). (Fewer than three sources used will result in a ‘0’ grade with no chance of resubmission. No in-text citations and a works cited list is tantamount to plagiarism and and, in addition to a failing grade with no chance of resubmission, you will be reported to the college for Academic Dishonesty).


____Resources consulted are academic and legitimate and relevant to this area of study.


____NO WIKI ANYTHING as specified in the outline. (WIKI-sources will result in a ‘0’ grade with no chance of resubmission).


____Your post includes a clear and accurate image. (Failure to post your image correctly will result in a ‘0’ grade with no chance of resubmission).


____Your ‘homage’ image was taken by YOU, for this project specifically, this semester. (Images that are not your own are considered plagiarized and, in addition to a failing grade with no chance of resubmission, you will be reported to the college for Academic Dishonesty).


____Your image is fully labeled as requested (artist, title, date, medium, dimensions).


____Art work styles such as ‘Surrealism’ and ‘Realism’ (etc.) are capitalized.


____Artwork titles are capitalized and italicized (or placed in single quotation marks) throughout your write up.


____You have proof read for grammar issues throughout. Or you have consulted the Learning Centre for help editing before submitting. (Poor writing skills do affect your mark. More than 10 editorial errors will result in a ‘0’ grade with no chance of resubmission).


______Answers are organized in proper sentences and paragraphs according to the questions asked of you on the assignment outline and in the order in which they were asked.


______You have researched and answered ALL the questions asked of you on the outline. You have done so thoroughly and with properly cited, academic research.


______You are submitting according to the posting instructions accurately and on time.










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