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Essay Topics
Your Essay is due on Friday November 24, 2017, by 11:59pm

  • Send your essay to the course “Dropbox.” The link to the course dropbox is on the top of the course web page. Click on this link and follow instructions to attach and send your essay.

  • Click on “Content” at the top of the page. Then select “Syllabus.” Scroll down until you see “Assignments” and go down to #3, “Essay.” Read this information about the essay carefully, especially the “Guidelines for writing your essay.” These guidelines will give you a good sense of what I’m looking for.

  • Your essay will be marked with comments and returned to you so long as you get it in on time (or you have an extension approved). To read comments on your paper, go to dropbox and click on the “View” link under the “Feedback” header. On the next screen there will be an icon under the “GradeMark” header. Click on this icon to access your comments.

  • Essays that come in late without an extension will be marked but without comments and will not be returned. They will receive a penalty of 1% of the total mark for that paper per day.

  • If you are applying psychoanalytic theories in your essays, remember to do so provisionally. We can’t know for sure what’s going on in the mind of another, but we can make informed interpretations. Somehow indicate that your ideas are an interpretation, one way to think about your subject, not the certain “truth.”

  • You are responsible to keep a copy of your paper in the event your paper is lost.


only ONE of the following:

  1. Freud argues that religious ideas are illusions, that is, fulfillments of infantile wishes. Do you agree with him? Why or why not? (Hint: do not get caught up in the details of his argument presented in the reading Future of an Illusion. Just briefly show that you understand what he means when he calls religious ideas illusions and then devout the bulk of your essay to supporting and developing your reasons for agreeing or disagreeing with him).

  2. What might Klein think about the film “Jesus Camp?”

  3. Using material from Lesson 5 (and Jones’ chapter 4), what might Jones say about the

    idealization depicted in the film “Jesus Camp”?

  4. Analyze some personal involvement you’ve had (or someone you know has had) with

    religion and determine whether how they participated in the religion (NOT the religion itself) would be considered healthy or unhealthy (or some combination of both) using the ideas of at least one of the following:

o Freud’s notion of religious ideas as “illusions.”
o Jones’ criteria, from the perspective of self psychology, for determining healthy

and unhealthy religious participation found in Lesson 2.
o Jones’ criteria, from the perspective of self psychology, for determining unhealthy

and mature religious idealization found in Lesson 5.
o Fairbairn’s notion of the “moral defense”
o Any of Klein’s ideas: the paranoid-schizoid position, the depressive position,

projective identification


o Any of the major ideas Shaw presents in either or both of his essays that you read

o Winnicott’s ideas as they were related to religion presented in Lesson 7. o Epstein’s notion of surrender
o Ghent’s thoughts about submission and surrender
o Jung’s ideas as they relate to religion

o Hillman’s ideas as they relate to religion

  1. Discuss the film “Words of My Perfect Teacher” using ideas presented in Lesson 8.

    Focus on the teacher and the disciples. Discuss them using at least some of the themes from the Lesson such as idealization/de-idealization, submission/surrender, keeping an object within omnipotent control/surrendering this control, object relating/object usage.

  2. Analyze Jung’s account of his religious experience presented in “Confrontation with the Unconscious” using at least one of the ways to distinguish healthy and unhealthy religion presented in the course.

  3. WITH MY PERMISSION, write and respond to your own essay topic related to course material. 

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