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By December 9, 2018Academic Papers


For the number of slides, I’m not sure. You will have to figure that out as you do the assignment. It should range from 6-12 slides (including the intro slide and reference slide). So, when you are done with this assignment you can then bill me for the amount of slides.

You will see in the directions, this powerpoint that I will be presenting needs to be 20-30 minutes long (20 minutes will do). So please, try to keep that in mind as you are working on this assignment. Don’t just throw together a few slides because then when I present it, it won’t be long enough.

My professor sticks to the rubric so please follow it and use it as you are doing this assignment.

This assignment must be in *APA format* Of course there will be a reference slide at the end with all of the sources but in EVERY slide, make sure you site everything at the end of sentences So for example- “these types of patients have accumulative stress (Gove, 2009).” As far as the amount of sources, you can use up to 10 but that’s most likely way too many. I already saw a girl present in my class and she had 4 sources so somewhere in that range. Two of these sources MUST be-

“Sue, D.W. & Sue, D. (2016). Counseling the culturally diverse: Theory and practice. 7th ed. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley & Sons, Inc. 978-1-118-02202-3; 978-1-118-28383-7 (ebk)”


“Sperry, L. & Sperry, J. (2012). Case conceptualization: Mastering this competency with ease and confidence. Routledge: NY.”

Please do not ask me for these textbooks, as I do not have them. If for ANY reason you have any questions or need something clarified, please let me know and I will ask my professor and get back to you ASAP

Also- each slide should have color and pictures. 

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