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By March 12, 2018Academic Papers

Public Health Policy Analysis

Assignment Overview
It is important for public health professionals to be able to integrate a systems thinking approach, when identifying which stakeholders would likely be charged with public health policy development, what the planning process would look like, and how leadership would be involved and at what level. In this assignment, you will practice breaking down aspects of a community health policy to build up skills that will be utilized for work in the discipline, and support a community level risk assessment and action plan.
Assignment Instructions
1. Select an existing environmental public health policy for analysis. Many organizations have them such as Montana State University’s Environmental Public Health and Safety Policy (opens in new window).ATTACHED

2. Follow the CDC Policy Process (opens in new window) to analyze the policy and submit an analysis paper by the specified deadline.

Assignment Requirements • 2-page analysis paper
• APA formatting:
o Title page

o Reference page
• At least one scholarly reference, not including the policy source, cited within your text to support your analysis



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