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By March 24, 2018Academic Papers

PART A Scenario (400WORDS)

Imagine you are the public relations manager for Lazy Cruise Lines. On a cruise of the Caribbean, one of your ships, Lazy Lulu, has lost power and begun drifting aimlessly towards Cuba. First reports of what caused the power failure suggest an explosion in the ship’s propulsion system. The last transmission heard from the Chief Engineer was, ‘I’m sorry, Captain … I’m an engineer, not a miracle worker!’


Question 1: Would you describe this scenario as a crisis?

Don’t just write ‘yes’ or ‘no’! Use this part of your submission to demonstrate your new knowledge of what constitutes a crisis, issue and risk. Use sources from your own research to support any definitions and your categorisation of this situation.

Question 2: What are the first things you would do as a public relations manager?

To adequately answer this question please note at least 2 or 3 ‘things you would do’ in response to this question. Keep these focused on the tasks a PR Manager would be responsible for this would not include things like food rationing or logistics on the boat. We do not want to see a lengthy list of suggested actions/tasks, as fewer points considered in greater detail will be more effective at demonstrating knowledge.

Word count: Approximately 400 words.
PART B Scenario (400 WORDS)

Facebook and Twitter are being flooded with shares and tweets of stranded passengers, and the phones in your office are ringing ‘off the hook’. A ‘Sink Lazy Cruises’ page has been posted on Facebook. It already has over 100,000 likes. With evacuation impossible, passengers and the ship are running out of medication and food.

Step 1: Record
your response to the following questions:
Question 1: With which key target publics do you need to communicate? Why?

Don’t merely list the target groups, but again make sure you are using your answer to demonstrate as much relevant knowledge as possible! What types of publics? Make use of appropriate strategies that could be used in this situation. Use sources from your research to support any audience analysis and strategies used in your response.

Question 2: Think about the key message(s) you want to communicate. Express the key message(s) in forms suitable for:

  • the company’s Facebook page

  • the company’s Twitter platform.

    Here you need to note at least one key message. These messages must be rationalised (why these messages) and supported using theory, case studies, strategies or other academic source material. Consider how these messages should be tailored to best suit the different communication platforms.

    Justify your response with relevant public relations theory. Word count: Approximately 400 words in total.



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