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Professor’s Instructions: The final argumentative essay requires that each student follow the guidelines and select one option listed. The argumentative essay will engage at least one serious theory we have discussed in this class, state the student’s response to this theory, and provide an argument that justifies the student’s response. The final version should be 1200 to 1800 words (approximately 4-6 pages).——–The selected option for the essay should focus only on this theory: Defend or reject the theory that predestination interrupts free will and argue for which should be the case for Christianity.— —My thesis that HAS to go into the paper WORD FOR WORD is: Predestination does not disrupt free will, for God already knows everything and does not exist within the constraints of time; therefore, He already knows which human beings will exercise free will by either rejecting or accepting Him, thus regarding Christianity, we have the the choice through free will to be the elect or non-elect.———This assignment will identify a theologian we have studied with whom the student agrees and a theologian with whom the student disagrees. The theologian I AGREE with is ORIGEN and the one I DISAGREE with is CALVIN. There are 2 resources attached. ONLY these resources should be used. NO OUTSIDE RESOURCES. 

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