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Project idea: Services field: Women’s sports club in Jeddah city

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– The currency used is Saudi Riyal.
– The figures are very realistic and possible.
– No need to add the Appendix at the end of the plan.
– Some points may be ignored in the basic form or template if they are not needed in the project if they require the sale of a product.



 Executive Summary

Introductory introduction to the project

 The owner of the project, Mr. Ahmed bin Abdul Mohsin Al-Badeiwi, intends to open a sports club

For women in Jeddah and will be renting a land of 700 square meters and will be built

Building two tournaments each with a floor area of 500 m 2 The club will contain the following:

1-Cross Fit.

2 – slimming quotas.


4 – Yoga.

5 – the walking circuit.

6 – Building construction.

7. Walk-in devices and cardio devices.

8 – Special training room.

 The main objective of this project is to satisfy customers with the quality of services provided.

 All sectors and groups are targeted in this project, especially families.

The purpose of this study

 Accordingly, the purpose of this study is to assess the viability of the project through

Provide the appropriate market and the required modern technology and financial evaluation of the project, as well

To make recommendations.

Financial Plan

 The first thing to consider is location and size of the place, where they play a role

In estimating the expected capital of the project. This project will be there

Land with an area of 700 m2 with an annual rent of SR200,200

On a land with an area of 1,000,000 square meters.

 The second step to be taken before starting the project is to obtain a permit

The commercial ownership of the ministry, the cost of the permit is about 13,000 riyals,

Which is paid only once before starting the project.

 There are costs paid for start-up services equal to 300.22

Including the feasibility study.

 There are costs for future entrepreneurial services equal to Rs. 800,16

Which includes the identity of the project.

 There will be costs for construction and construction of the project and decoration, which will cost about

SR 1,000,000

 There will be a marketing cost of about SAR 25,000.

 Accordingly, the project owner has to pay about SR 405,391.1 as capital

To start a business.

 In addition, there are additional funds consisting of 3 months rent and 3 months salaries

They should be taken into account in the event of unexpected losses, which makes

Total capital is SR 405,525,1.

 The project should purchase the equipment and tools it will need to carry out its operations. Buy this

The equipment and installation will cost about SAR 305,314