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Custom Written Strategic Management and Business Policy Essays

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Online: Strategic Management and Business Policy


You are required to answer all questions in the most complete way. Each question is worth 50%.Your answers will be evaluated on writing style, thoroughness of analysis, use of readings to provide support to your analysis, and overall comprehension of material. Make sure to provide references as needed when elaborating your argumentation. List all references at the end of the exam. You have to use a minimum of four references per question.


  1. Recent developments in the field of Strategic Management place significant emphasis on elements that are traditionally not included in the SWOT (SCP and RBV-VRIO) schools of thought. Particularly the work regarding institutions, ethical behavior, corporate social responsibility, and issues on demand-side elements, all seem to be useful for effective strategic planning-implementation-and evaluation. With these considerations, discuss, compare and outline the contributions of the main elements discussed in Required readings 6-10, as they relate and expand the VRIO and SCP approaches to strategic management.  Provide specific examples to support your argumentation. Your answer must not exceed three double spaced typed pages, and you should make specific references to all RRs studied during the Spring session.


  1. Using the theoretical foundation from Question 1 above. Please provide a short essay on the applicability of these theories to the Live Case Analysis you recently completed. Particularly, indicate how the firm in your case analysis could or have been benefiting from developing/adopting a more CSR approach to their business model. In the event that your firm has not done so, then please explain, how a more CSR approach could potential benefit the firm’s development of a competitive advantage, the creation and capturing of value, and the overall level of economic performance. Note: Limit your answer to two double spaced pages.


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