Order Custom Written Terrorism in Europe Security Essay

By December 24, 2017Academic Papers


3000-word essay on Terrorism is the biggest challenge to security in Western Europe”. Discuss.

Please don’t use alot of sources from outside and write it in basic English and use some ideas from my old policy paper that you did .

1. Quality of information collected and presented in the essay.
2. The degree to which the essay relates to theories of international politics and ideas of international relations.
3. Evidence of knowledge and understanding of the issue.
4. Level of critical evaluation and analyses.
5. General style of presentation of materials in the essay.
6. Clear indication of all sources of information used – including a list of bibliography or references.
7. Correct use of the Harvard referencing system. This should be accompanied by a full and correctly formatted reference list at the end of the work.
8. Correct acknowledgement of the work of others in citation, quotation etc. and avoidance of plagiarism.