Patience and Wrath

By April 17, 2019Academic Papers


For this essay, I’m going to ask you to think out of the box. It’s really easy to fall behind causes for which we’re well acquainted and that are deeply ingrained either in our own lives or in the culture around us. There are lots of debatable positions that pop up in every day life that most of us just kind of “know” why we stand where we do on them. This is ok in some cases, but it makes writing a good, original paper that requires thoughtful reasoning and introspection difficult. It also makes writing a good argument without research difficult. A lot of times we just don’t have good evidence or experience of hand, even if we have a strong opinion.

So I’m flipping the position on you. For this argument paper, you’re going to argue either for or against a near universally held position. There are a lot of choices for a paper like this, and I’ll allow some flexibility, but I figured we should begin with an old set of premises – the Seven Deadly Sins and their corresponding Seven Heavenly Virtues.

Diligence/Sloth Patience/Wrath **(this one)** Kindness/Envy

You need to pick a pair and flip the script. Kindness is out, and Envy is in. Same with Humility and Pride or any of the others. For this paper, up is down and down is up.
There are a couple ways to approach this.

You can be humorous and tongue in cheek, approaching the tone sarcastically or ironically to point out it’s absurdity. **(THIS ONE)**

You can probe the concept philosophically, seeking the ever present exceptions to the rule – basically looking for justifications.
So pick one pair and do your best. 

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