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Assignment Type
Course Name
Disaster Risk Management
Assignment Subject
Risk Analysis Assignment
Specific Topic Description
1.The file”Assignment” is the assignment itself which specifies the instructions for a three to six page double spaced paper.
2.The file “02.Perception of Risk By Slovic” and the file”03. Perception of Risk Posed by Extreme Events” are articles that address that factor analytical model as related to theNov 17 Class lecture(The file nov17note1,novenote2&nov17note3).
3.The file “04.TSBC Lac Megantic Report” is a summary of a Transportation of safety Board of Canada report about the disaster which the assignment is based on, a train derailment disater in Quebec in 2013.
There are 3 questions in total. The written answer should be in essay format.
The assignment needs subheadings like “Question1, Question2, Question3”.
There is no need to write introduction. Just Answer the questions. For example,
Like Question1, answering left side or right side and then explainging why.
When answering the question, every characteristic should be considered. For example, question1, every characteristic like it is controllable or uncontrollable, Not Dread or Dread, Not Global Catastrophic or Global Catastrophic…And explain why. If the left side has the most characteristics, then it would be the left side, if the right side has the most characteristics, then it would be the right side. And Question2 has almost the same format.