Position Paper Assignment

By December 31, 2018 Academic Papers

Write your paper using your position/thesis statement outlined below. A minimum of six (6) images must also be used to support your argument, also, five (5) annotations. requirments: 1. Use your 1950s Dior sketch research ?I will upload the 5 sketches in the file) and select another fashion designer from the 20th century whose work you respond to strongly, either positively or negatively. Compare and contrast their similarities/differences in design approach and their influence that they have had on fashion today. 2.Think about why you responded (favorably or unfavorably) and write your position statement which summarizes the influence of his/her design/s at the time and how you see his/her influence today in fashion. 3. You should have at least three (3) visual examples that support your position from each designer … total of six (6) images. 4. more than 1000 word Please make sure that you have at least five (5) annotations