Principles of International Management/Cross Cultural Management

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Principles of International Management/Cross Cultural Management
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Thema: Principles of International Management/Cross Cultural Management
1. Companies may have different agendas for going global with their economic activities. Describe the goals of your company or business unit or project relating to internationalization. Highlight, where you see strenghts and weaknesses and give reasons for your assessment. 
2. Think of a market monitoring system (i.e. a regularly conducted, systematic analyses and documentation of current and/or potential target market conditions (customers, cimpetitotrs, etc.), that takes all relevant external conditions and intercultural aspects into account, which are important for pursuing your internationlization goals. Describe the structure of this system and possible methods/tools. 
3. Does your company or your business unit have a market monitoring system? In what way should it be improved regarding your findings from 2.= Describe what you consider to be the three most important improvements. In case your company or burinss unit does not use a systematic approach to market observation, please describe, which stephs have been taken in the past to open up international markets. 


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